A real teacher resigns in protest – on camera

This 2nd grade teacher chose to give up his $70,000 job – “with benefits” – and tutor Connecticut students for free rather than continue fighting the school system over new practices which he is sure are preventing students from acquiring a love of learning. What were the problems he encountered? Breakfast period, recess and talking during lunch time were eliminated. Teaching was required to focus only on test scores and, “any type of fun activity – is gone:” classroom pets, parties to celebrate special events and birthdays, field trips . . . “all gone, gone, gone.” The school system even prohibited Mr. Steven Round from volunteering his personal time after school to help nine dyslexic pupils learn to read, an initiative which was working tremendously well for the students and had enthusiastic support from parents.

Mr. Round was not allowed to read his letter of resignation to the Providence, Rhode Island School Board at the meeting he attended, so he videotaped himself reading it and shared his video with the world. It has been watched by almost 1/3 of a million people. Mr. Round, I salute your loyalty to the true spirit of education and you, for refusing to bow to the prevailing culture which intends to deny our children the quality educations they deserve, and which the country needs our future leaders to enjoy the benefit of receiving. The lesson taught by your resignation is of enormous importance and value. God bless.

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