Ben Carson is after white approval & votes, not for #blacklivesmatter

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Ben Carson’s not trying to win over the black vote. He has his eye set on courting conservative white people. US News quotes university professor David Lublin:

When he argues that the black community needs to reject government handouts and the Democratic Party’s “welfare state,” Carson offers “validation for positions held by [white] Republicans” that structural racism doesn’t exist, or are uncomfortable with a black president insisting it does … He’s a Republican. He speaks at conservative forums, which are mainly forums for white people. Certainly black Twitter isn’t rushing to gush about Ben Carson.

Lublin points out:

…whites who support Carson back many of his hard-line policies, like his stance on immigration or his belief that a Muslim president would be more loyal to the Quran than the Constitution he or she would be sworn to uphold. Both positions will likely drive Latinos and Muslim-Americans – two growing voting blocs largely comprised of people of color – into the waiting arms of the Democratic Party.

Color me pink! I can’t personally see as that’s anything but good.

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