Chalabi late: the man who helped Bush move US into Iraq War

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The man who supplied the false evidence that Bush used to push America into war with Iraq, has become late: Ahmed Chalabi. A New York Magazine article tells the story of how his lies together with the ambitions of New York Times reporter Judith Miller, catapulted the Weapons of Mass Destruction myth into national prominence and helped GW Bush build his case to start the Iraq war. A war which effected the transfer of so much wealth from public coffers into close family friend VP Dick Cheney’s Halliburton company, that it seems entirely plausible that Bush’s hunger to push America into war was motivated by desire for personal gain.

…list of credulous Chalabi allies could include the New York Times’ own reporter, Judith Miller. During the winter of 2001 and throughout 2002, Miller produced a series of stunning stories about Saddam Hussein’s ambition and capacity to produce weapons of mass destruction, based largely on information provided by Chalabi and his allies—almost all of which have turned out to be stunningly inaccurate. NY Mag’s Franklin Foer writes:

… the very qualities that endeared Miller to her editors at the New York Times—her ambition, her aggressiveness, her cultivation of sources by any means necessary, her hunger to be first—were the same ones that allowed her to get the WMD story so wrong.

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