Disturbing: Google is promoting hatred of Jews by skewing search results

Anti-semitic statisticsI was searching for a graphic depicting the fundamental unfairness of bashing Israel for defending itself against Arab attacks and increasing, global anti-semitism. But Google wouldn’t let me find any of those images: it just let me find images of Israelis unfairly attacking Arabs.

I don’t believe that the poor Arab, ugly Israel propaganda promoted by Big Media is the real truth underlying today’s Middle East conflict. But it’s quite apparent that this is what Google wants people to believe. By skewing search results to feed anti-Israel sentiment, Google is practicing fundamental unfairness and injustice. Shame on you, Google.

The rise in anti-semitic incidents around the world is just staggering. People have a compulsion to hate Jews whether we do good or bad works. But blind hatred is always wrong – and so is Google, for promoting it. Former fundamentalist Muslim Kasim Hafeez no longer hates Jews. In fact, he loves Jews and Israel.

Just for the record, I support the Obama administration’s Iran Deal – something that Israeli supporters are against – and believe the deal will reduce, rather than increase, Iran’s capacity to arm itself with nuclear weapons.

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