Disturbing inequity of the School-to-Prison-Pipeline (short video)

Unhappy facts about the school to prison pipeline, which Brave New Films describes as “..another way the United States incarcerates more people than any other country on earth.*”

  1. Zero tolerance policy doesn’t apply to everyone equally.
  2. Blacks and Latinos are 29% of public school students but “are 70% of in-school arrests or referrals to law enforcement.”
  3. 32% of youth in special detention are special needs students.
  4. * From NAACP Criminal Justice Fact Sheet: Combining the number of people in prison and jail with those under parole or probation supervision, 1 in every 31 adults, or 3.2% of the (USA) population is under some form of correctional control.

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  1. one path treats human potential as the most important commodity, the other path treats the human body as a parasite on the producing population. you can choose the path your society follows by thinking about it. /// HARD!

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