How do you handle mail tampering?

TD Bank Envelope openedWhen I saw this bank envelope had been ripped open, I assumed my kids had opened it, then left it in the mailbox in the hallway my family shares with one neighbor. I looked inside and found the Visa debit card I had been waiting for. But it wasn’t my kids. So, my mail has been tampered with. What to do?

Post office rep says, “First thing is to file police report, then we’ll give you the number to the inspection service and the matter gets referred over to them.”

Police officer arrived about 15 minutes after I called. He asked some questions and said I can pick up his report in 5 days at the violations bureau window. They don’t dust for fingerprints on an item like this, as it’s been handled by too many people. The officer gave me really valuable advice: that I can either replace my credit card and get a new number, or monitor my bank account for unauthorized withdrawals (there haven’t been any to date). He reminded me that replacing the card means I will need to contact any companies that make automatic withdrawals and update my data with them .. and suggested asking my bank if they will handle this as an automated service.

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  1. I had the same thing happen to me. I filed a complaint with the Post inspectors. It turned out to be a nearby family member with a similar name who was trying to re-direct my mail. They were going to change the accounts over to a senile family member with the same name to access my account.

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