I just got educated about some election rigging methods Dem Party & Hillary use

Voting Machines Are Swell!
Criminetleys. Alternet writer Roseann Demoro (read on Salon) just taught me a whole bunch of things about Hillary skullduggery and Dem Party primary vote-rigging shenanigans that I was completely ignorant of. Here are the items that surprised me most:

Press conferences. Sanders is happy to talk to the press, Hillary not so much. Ostensibly, she wants to stay in charge of her message and make sure reporters don’t get the chance to pin her down on the weird stuff she does… (like flip-flop positions, steal Sanders’ most popular position stands, get huge support from soul-sucking Wall Street firms and from the Daddy of public education destruction in the US, Eli Broad – whose lawyer HRC used to be).

Superdelegates: after Jimmy Carter won the popular Democratic Party vote and later became president, the Dems created superdelegates to make sure the Party gets to choose their candidate:

The DNC created the undemocratic superdelegate system to confer the power on the Democratic Party hierarchy to handpick their preference and blunt the ability of insurgents to win the nomination after outsiders George McGovern and Jimmy Carter shocked the party establishment by winning nominations in the 1970s.

Hillary and the DNC have been rigging votes. OK, I knew that. But I had been thinking all along that the attacks on the Voting Rights Amendment was a Republican move to disenfranchise Democrats and now I know that it is really an establishment strategy to separate poor and middle class people from their voting rights. It’s not a party thing after all … it’s a have v. have-nots thing.

Thanks Jeff Buffington for a super good find.

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  1. I’m not surprised either Alice Yanes. After all, my kids and I are both Jewish and POCs – so we’ve witnessed a lot of discrimination on many fronts. I do find it valuable, though, to understand how this all comes together….

  2. The quietness of the Democrats should have been a clue that the Republicans are not in this alone. Think about just how silent the Dems have been for the past seven years! Although the Republicans have been in the role of obstructionists, the Democrats have done nothing to quell that obstructionist behavior have they? The only one who has repeatedly spoken out on many issues has been Elizabeth Warren. Prior to her election, basically Elijah Representative Elijah E. Cummings and John Lewis were the only ones with any type of voice against what was occurring. Even the Congressional Black Caucus has been silent. Add to that the other minority groups have also been very quiet. Imagine what the President could have gotten accomplished for the people had the Democrats stood up to the Republicans on any issue! That is part and parcel of why the Dems lost the first and second mid-term election because they showed their constituents nothing to come out for them for. The only reason I voted was because I honor the sacrifice of those who gave their lives for me to vote. Otherwise, nothing of value came from either part as a reason to go out and vote someone into office past the Presidential election. Most of those running have been ensconced in those positions for thirty and forty years having done nothing in all those years but line their own pockets pandering to big business. If the voting public would only begin to watch things around them and stop listening to the sound bites of politicians who have really done nothing for the average citizen as a whole and Black folk in particular since Reconstruction, maybe they would make better choices in who they cast their votes for. There is no candidate running for office out there besides Bernie Sanders. that I would consider casting my vote for. I will however vote for someone either in the Democratic or Progressive/Independent category this time around and until those in the established parties stop taking our votes for granted. I am insulted by the fact that Hilary Clinton simply assumes she has the Black vote in the bag even when the most devastating and negatively impacting things happened to Black folk under the Administration of her husband Bill Clinton. More Black men were incarcerated under Bill Clinton than any other president. Welfare reform happened under Bill Clinton that stopped being an institution that helped people to get back on their feet to an instrument of punishment for individuals in the poorest areas, with the least amount of job prospects, inadequate and substandard educational systems preparing them instead for a life of supporting the Industrial Prison Complexes. During Clinton’s presidency, the Industrial Prison Complex was the only consistent building going on. No housing of any value for low income people was being built except housing all over Brighton Beach, Williamsburg, Bushwick and Greenpoint Brooklyn and other enclaves densely populated with the Jewish community. There were actually building being built in Brooklyn where if you asked for an application and you were not Jewish, you were told that the buildings were only for the Jewish community yet they were being built with public money. That one I charge to then Mayor of NY David Dinkins. Cliniton was also the one who signed the NAFTA agreement that began to see workers’ salaries begin to decrease as business owners increasingly shipped those good paying jobs over seas where they could get the labor for pennies on the dollar. Lastly, I still remember what Hilary Clinton did during the 2008 electtion campaign when after the President won Iowa, she sat in a Diner in New Hampshire with a predominantly White group of supporters and cried. Now anyone Black with a smidgen of the history of the issues in Black and White in America know that was a signal that the Black man had made the White woman cry and therefore they were not going to stand for that and as a result, Hilary Clinton won the New Hampshire primary. So no I am not a fan of Hilary Clinton or her husband. Her husband snowed people so badly that ignorant Black folk were running around labeling him the first “Black” president all because he played the saxophone on the Arsenio Hall show. Those same Black folk went on to call Barack Obama not Black enough when he ran for the office of President in 2008. as they backed Hilary Clinton. So no Kimi I am not surprised by anything you just shared with us, I have been living it for the last 67 years!

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