Lawyer who fought Chevron over the Amazon was held for 993 days – now free

Chevron (formerly Texaco) deliberately dumped “at least 16 billion gallons of toxic oil waste into the Ecuadorian Amazon from 1964-1992 while it was the sole operator of oil fields there, creating an environmental disaster and causing decades of cancer and reproductive harm.” American attorney Steve Donziger helped to hold Chevron accountable under the United States court system and became a target of the massive oil company.

Chevron was able to get Donziger disbarred and also held under house arrest for 993 days under a technicality that would normally carry a six month maximum sentence. On Monday, 25 April 2022, Donziger was finally freed. He says he’s not done fighting for the Amazon rain forest, also known as the ‘lungs of the earth’, or the indigenous people who make their lives there and protect it.

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