Lindsay Lohan mimics Marilyn Monroe before suicide

Referring to the cover of New York magazine’s 25 February issue:

At play . . . is a commercialism that is . . . creepier and more compelling: a picture of a nude Lindsay Lohan, less than a year out of her third go at rehab.

The image is causing a ruckus in the blogosphere, and not because her nipples can be ogled through the thin triangle of pink chiffon she clasps with her mouth like a schnauzer. The photo and eight more inside the magazine mimic, frame for frame, a handful of the fabled and ubiquitous pictures known as “The Last Sitting” that the photographer Bert Stern took of Marilyn Monroe in 1962, six weeks before she died of an overdose.

To make the echo that much more macabre, Stern has taken these pictures as well. As an editor’s note explains, he volunteered for the duty.

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