Mega display of contemporary African Art will be at Pier 94 NYC from Mar 3-6

Source: ‘Abandonnes’ by Eddy Kamuanga displayed at the Armory Show Mar 2016
On 3-6 March 2016, The Armory Show’s Focus: African Perspectives will bring together one of the largest collections of African art ever displayed in the African diaspora. The show highlights the work of contemporary African artists whom have lived abroad and takes place at Pier 94 in New York City:

… (it) will provide a glimpse of international artistic production from contemporary African viewpoints: emerging curators, artists, galleries and art spaces that connect scenes and markets through global networks. From Lagos to London to Luanda – and presented together for the first time in one location.

Some of the artwork will be for sale with other pieces exhibited for viewing only.

In nearby Tenafly NJ, The small African Art Museum houses a permanent collection of traditional African Art curated by the Society of African Missions.

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