NY Dems side with GOP

This is a fascinating view of civics and the political process. Also a fundamental reminder that people’s hearts rule their actions.

Democrats have held the Senate majority in New York State since November. Yesterday, on June 9, two Democrats announced they will, “caucus with the GOP (Republicans),” and now Republicans assert that they own control of the senate and have replaced the Democratic majority leader Malcolm A. Smith, with their own man, Republican Dean G. Skelos. The Dems are challenging this political maneuver, calling it illegal.

My sons and I are really interested to know whether this maneuver is in fact, going to be proved illegal. It certainly seems to me like it ought to be. I mean, look, how does a Democrat side with Republicans over an issue and suddenly, that Democrat is considered to be a Republican for the purpose of counting how many senators are in each party? This doesn’t make sense to me, but that doesn’t mean the Republicans won’t win. Our legal and justice system can be confounding at times.

What’s all the hullabaloo about? Gay marriage. townhall.com says, “the takeover apparently had nothing to do with the issue (of gay marriage). In my opinion, the gay marriage issue may simply be the smokescreen used by the Republicans to initiate one more manipulation of American law to take advantage of technical loopholes that allows them to defeat the intended purpose of our laws. It would better if Republicans would carry out their campaigns in the clear light of day and acquire their political power through the election process – the fair and clean way.

Continue your education on this issue at
A very Republican-slanted article from upstate New York

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