Principal Kafele shares inspiring thoughts on mission and passion

Principal KafeleI love Principal Kafele‘s positive approach to solving today’s educational issues. He also shares great advice on personal achievement. This 11 minute video is an excellent sample of his practical approach for achievement and success.

Principal Kafele counsels:

If you see in your mind’s eye what you’re striving to achieve, the chances increase exponentially that your vision will become your reality … Everything starts with an idea. From the idea we create a goal – we devise a plan – we become firm in our purpose – we embark on a mission – a mission that is vision oriented. What we are going to achieve … (is) already locked into our mind’s eye …

and he also advises:

Be careful who you align yourself with because your passion is not necessarily for them: it’s for you. … be around others who will lift you up.

Motivating Black Males to Achieve coverPrincipal Baruti Kafele’s best-selling book, Motivating Black Males to Achieve in School and in Life, offers proven strategies for getting black male students in middle school and high school to value learning, improve their grades, and maintain high standards for themselves. The author shows how simple but powerful measures to instill self-worth in young black males can not only raise these students’ achievement, but also profoundly alter their lives for the better.

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