Resource list for Sandy’s hardest hit

Obama signs stand proud through Sandy's worst
Obama signs stand proud through Sandy’s worst

Hurricane Sandy left a huge mark in its wake, with about $20 billion of damage and over 7 million in the dark, half of those in the New Jersey/New York area. My family was blessed to pass through the storm safely, comfortable in our home with both lights and heat on. We pray for friends who were not so fortunate and are ready to help, if you just reach out. A year ago when Irene left us without electricity, we were fortunate that friends who hadn’t lost theirs invited us to share the wealth of their warmth and light.

I put together a list of emergency resources (in English and Spanish versions) that I hope will be helpful to Sandy’s hardest hit. Please add to it by sharing in a comment.

Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey – News & Resources
Huracán Sandy en New Jersey – Recursos y Noticias

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