Swayze dancing with his wife Niemi is a treat to watch

Patrick Swayze in Ghost
Swayze & WhoopiPatrick Swayze has a special place in my heart for helping me mourn the passing of my firstborn’s father through his performance in Ghost. I had not thought of Swayze as a dancer, although now I’ve learned that he was the lead in both Dirty Dancing and Broadway’s Grease.

Swayze’s biography.com video tells that early in his life, Swayze almost lost his leg to a tooth staph infection that dispersed throughout his body and lodged in his knee – which almost needed to be amputed.

By way of introducing me to Swayze as a dancer, Manara Nivron shared this video of him performing with wife Lisa at World Music Awards 1994 … and I’d like to share it too. Watching was a great treat.

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