Are the early 2016 immigration raids a Republican ploy to dismantle Obama’s reforms & impact election results?

Christie deport Mexicans
Source: TomoNews US YouTube channel
The timing of the ICE raids across the country coming so close to the first primary party elections in the 2016 election cycle, seems so much more than coincidental. Makes me wonder if this is another Republican political strategy to demonize Obama and the Democratic Party by association, and at the same time impact the Latino vote.

Everyone knows that Latinos are a huge block of the US immigrant population … that the Latino community is very united … and that the Latino vote will play a big role this election cycle. read more

Christie’s people won’t honor OPRA request about conditions in 4 schools

bad school conditions in NJThe Schools Development Authority (SDA) is denying the public information on the facility conditions at Camden High School, Thomas G. Connors Elementary School (Hoboken), Cleveland Elementary School (Orange), and Orange High School.

The Education Law Center made an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request to obtain the SDA’s reports on the facility conditions at these four schools which are badly in need of repair. The SDA said no. This is unacceptable! Communities have a right to know what the facility conditions are at their schools. This is another example of the SDA stalling on urgent repairs. read more

Philly is closing down public schools – and building jails

chained door

Why Philly schools are in crisis

Yes, it’s true Philadelphia schools are in crisis, one so severe the district is scheduled to be completely shut down in two years. Salon tells us

To be clear, the schools are in crisis because the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania refuses to fund them adequately. The state Constitution mandates that the Legislature “provide for the maintenance and support of a thorough and efficient system of public education,” but that language appears to be considered some kind of sick joke at the state capital in Harrisburg. read more