Teen tells how he repeatedly hacked CIA director’s email

John Brennan - Director of the CYA by DonkeyHotey via Flickr
John Brennan, Director of the CYA by DonkeyHotey via Flickr
Wired reports on a high schooler who contacted the New York Post in mid-October to tell them how he hacked into the CIA director’s personal AOL email and what he found there:

..sensitive government documents stored as attachments in Brennan’s personal account because the spy chief had forwarded them from his work email … and the sensitive 47-page SF-86 application that Brennan had filled out to obtain his top-secret government security clearance.

The privacy of one of the country’s highest ranking security officials along with sensitive US government data, was compromised by a teenager. SMH. read more

Go to jail for unlocking your phone? Yep, you might.

unlock phone

unlock phoneFirst things first. You know that 1) if you buy a phone you should be able to hook it up with whatever service you want to use and 2) nobody should send you to jail or fine you up to half a million dollars just because you unlock your phone. What if you want to switch to the ATT network because you’re fed up with Verizon, or because you move out of Verizon’s service area? The Library of Congress says, “Tough luck.” If you unlock your phone after January 26 without a carrier’s permission, you could get in a lot of trouble and end up paying heavy fines – even jail time. So sign the White House petition asking Obama to add his voice to The People’s and ask the Library of Congress to make phone unlocking legal again. The petition is pretty close to getting the 100,000 signatures it needs to get an official White House response. read more