PoliticalCompass tracks the US presidential candidates & only Bernie Sanders is on The People’s side

Political Compass Screenshot
Source: PoliticalCompass.org
Political Compass tracks the socio-political positions of politicians in democracies and in political races. The above graphic shows where 2016 presidential candidates stand on the left to right scale.

All the GOP candidates are on the far right and are furthermore, committed to Authoritarianism. Hillary stands firmly on the right. Only Bernie Sanders is a progressive candidate with loyalty to the needs of the American public.

The organization describes its mission as:

The enduring appeal of The Political Compass lies in its universality, and the fact that it’s not a fly-by-night election-time survey, but a continually accessible profile of a political personality applicable to all democracies. Although we’d like the time to develop more updates than we can sometimes offer, we remain a tool for comparing the politics of countries and well-known political figures, past and present… read more

Wonderful and damning indictments point to Clintons racism, destruction of American people & economy

girl confronts Hillary over racist statements
Source: YouTube via newsmax.com
My Hillary-supporting friends think I’m nuts for talking about how the Clintons have helped to destroy life for millions of Americans. In the process, they’ve helped destroy our economy and take “liberal” out of the Democratic Party’s philosophy. They’re a 2-man wrecking team. The not exactly-amusing (’cause it’s too real) post The Problem With Hillary, Chez, Is I Don’t Vote Republican gives “25 pretty good reasons why we Democrats don’t vote for Republicans,” and asks the darn good question: “…why would we vote for Hillary Clinton, the Rockefeller Republican who exemplifies every one of those 25 statements? read more

Use It or Lose It: The Right to Observe

Veryshortlist.com, a reviewer of the short Stand Your Ground filmed in London, expresses concern over, “the privatization of our public spaces,” which is a growing issue in the United States as well – even if it doesn’t trouble citizens even half as much as it ought to. Meeting up with each other in semi-public spaces with “free wifi” such as Starbucks, restaurants and shopping malls provides us with the illusion that we’re free to meet when and where we want but in reality, this is far from true. At one NY Starbucks I was recently told, “If you want to use the occupy a space at the counter, you’re going to need to consume something,” (as if I wasn’t already consuming – oxygen, for starters), but the barista meant, “You need to buy something we sell.” read more