Trump shut down NPS for climate change tweets but can’t block new unofficial Twitter account

Over at the Palmer Report, Bill Palmer tells us the way National Park employees found to stand up to Trump, who is blocking federal employees from commenting on climate change to the extent that he has issued a gag order to prevent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from mentioning it and has deleted tweets made by the National Park Service (NPS) and even suspended the Twitter account of one park account that tweeted about climate change. An anonymous group of individuals has created an unofficial Twitter account for park and climate change news that Trump can’t touch. read more

The Gulf: wait a millenium and try again

Gulf of Mexico over capacity whale

Twitter fans will appreciate Red Monkey’s fail whale graphic about BP’s Gulf Oil Spill. Its legend reads: The Gulf of Mexico is over capacity. Too many careless corporations! Please wait a millenium and try again.
Gulf of Mexico over capacity whale

Secret’s out: Twitterverse sports fans hate Latinos

Marc Anthony sings God Bless America during the seventh inning stretch at Major League Baseball's All-Star Game in New York City

Marc Anthony sings God Bless America during the seventh inning stretch at Major League Baseball's All-Star Game in New York CityLatino superstar and Puerto Rican native, Marc Anthony, sings God Bless America @ New York All-Star game & racists go nuts on Twitter. Bonker animals. Public Shaming quips:

Look at this 100% American grammy award winning recording artist sing ‘God Bless AMERICA’ at the Queens All-Star baseball game. Absolutely disgusting. And the All-Star game was at Citi Field in NYC borough of Queens too! We can’t let this happen in Queens, the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world!

This comes on the heels of another explosive racist attack on an American singer of Latino background – who just happened to be an 11 year old child: Sebastian de la Cruz, a San Antonio, TX, US, native of Mexican descent. Sebastian rocked the Star Spangled Banner when the scheduled singer couldn’t make it to game three of the NBA Finals, wowing the crowd with his angelic voice. read more

The Wall Tweet Journal and other Twitter phenomena

Twitter enhancers . . .

Tiago Doria tipped me off about The Wall Tweet Journal, giving up to the minute news about the microblogging portal. Tiago also likes to play with TweetLater. Lets him archive his tweets for delivery later. Is that fun, or what?

So, which are the Twitteratii that you follow who also follow you? Just as importantly, who isn’t following? My friend Dossy Shiobara created an app calledTwitter Karma just to give a simple answer this question. Give it a whack.

Twitter Karma

Want to see photographs turned into mosaics using fotos representing Twitter users? Sure you do. read more

Obama told the truth. Thanks, Hillary, for pointing that out to us.

On Twitter Dave Winer mentioned that Obama was calling Pennsylvanians’ – and the nation’s – attention to the fact that it’s true that rural American people are angry and bitter as a result of patiently waiting 25 years for politicians they elect to stop selling them out and help them get their lives and their jobs back. I guess Obama became one of my heroes twice this weekend, because he told a really uncomfortable truth about American politics and refused to back off it. Then he admitted he was wrong for having made a poor choice of words when he originally made the statement. read more