“White Shoes” nude photography series highlights slavery’s roots in NY Financial District

NONA-900 on Wall Street
Photo source: Nona Faustine
Photographer Nona Faustine was drawn to shoot a series of self-portraits she calls “White Shoes”, which feature shots of her naked on sites associated with the slave trade in downtown Manhattan, NYC’s Wall Street area.

The Village Voice points out, “New York was the capital of American slavery for more than 200 years.”

Huffington Post author Priscilla Frank writes,

Revisiting the spaces haunted by such atrocious tales, Faustine drapes her body across the implicated grounds like a bold protestor or a spiritual medium. Her bare flesh recalls the stories of so many strangers that went untold, simultaneously raising questions about why bodies matter and, more specifically, which bodies matter. read more

Twitter is great for power users, not so good for investors

tweet bird singingTwitter is my favorite social media platform. It works great for power users like me who share and pick up important news there, but casual users find it unwelcoming. And, although the company is worth $23 billion, Wall St. doesn’t love Twitter as an investment vehicle.

Matt Iglesias of Vox proposes an idea I like a lot: ignore investors and build Twitter up as a power user tool, which is what it seems to want to be anyway. It might be a great shot in the arm were Twitter to rekindle good relationships with 3rd party developers too – and bring back the robust user choice ecosystem it used to enjoy. read more