Tianjin warehouse blasts kill dozens, injure 100s in a mile+ radius

Tianjin blasts2 massive blasts apparently measuring 2.3, then 2.9, in magnitude on the earthquake scale, hit Tianjin a few hours ago at 11:30 pm Wednesday (US Time). Apparently, they originated in a port warehouse where explosive materials were stored and the blasts traveled through city sewers to wreak damage in a wide radius.

CNN Video of the blasts
Vine of blasts by SkyNews

The New York Times reports that a truck driver living a mile away, said, “The air pressure from the blast was so strong it just knocked me down in one fell swoop.”

A storefront disappears … hundreds are injured from flying glass and debris and upon release from the hospital discover that tbey are not allowed to return home … rows of volkswagen beetles awaiting delivery are burnt to a crisp … hundreds turn out to donate blood.

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