Three big lies the UN spread in 2017 that stoked hatred of Israel and Jews

Source: UN Watch
Here are three examples of lies the United Nations spread about Israel in 2017. The ostensible goal was to provoke hatred of Israel and Jews. But United Nations Watch is on hand, monitoring statements and correcting records in order, “to repel the darkness and light the candle of truth.”

Executive Director Hillel C. Neuer writes about the three lies:

  • When UNRWA launched a global campaign showing 11-year-old girl “Aya from Gaza” in a bombed-out building—portraying Israel as a cruel oppressor of Palestinian children—UN Watch exposed a fraud: the photo was actually from Syria! The story went viral online. UNRWA suffered massive embarrassment, and was forced to remove the photo worldwide.
  • When the U.N. held its ‘Hate Israel Day,’ we brought the Son of Hamas to deliver an epic speech exposing Palestinian crimes. He stunned the assembly into silence, and literally caused heads to turn. The video has been seen more than 8 million times on Facebook and YouTube. Israel’s prime minister called it “an extraordinary moment of truth at the United Nations.”
  • When Arab states accused Israel of Apartheid, I took the floor at the U.N. to remind the world that “Israel’s 1.5 million Arabs enjoy full rights to vote and to be elected in the Knesset; they work as doctors and lawyers; they serve on the Supreme Court.” Then I asked the accusers: “How many Jews live in your countries? Once upon a time, the Middle East was full of Jews. Algeria had 140,000 Jews. Algeria, where are your Jews? Egypt used to have 75,000 Jews. Where are your Jews?” The speech went viral—viewed more than 5 million times—and continues to reverberate.
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    If you think Israeli is worse than Turkey, Syria or Venezuela, please read this

    Tiny Israel
    By PAUL WIEDER, Associate Editor JUF News on 31 Aug 2016

    Hillel C. Neuer is the executive director of UN Watch, a human rights non-governmental organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, that monitors and reports on the actions of the United Nations. Neuer, an international lawyer, diplomat, writer, and activist, was listed in the “Top 100 Most Influential Jewish People in the World,” by the Israeli newspaper, Ma’ariv. Neuer will be the keynote speaker at the Jewish Federation’s 2016 Annual Meeting, to be held at the Hyatt Regency Chicago on Thursday, Sept. 15. Here are some excerpts from a recent phone interview with JUF News. read more

    Seeking authentic religion, 600+ Colombian evangelist Christians convert to Judaism

    Elad Villegas and Shlomo Caro
    Source: The California Sunday Magazine
    A team of three reporters and photographers document the amazing journey of 600 Colombians who followed their young religious leaders from a congregation of evangelical Christianity into Orthodox Judaism, becoming a congregation of 600 in Medellín, Colombia. Guided at first only by books and the deep feeling of connectedness to God which two of the evangelists had experienced during visits to Israel that were not related to religion, the leaders learned how to practice Judaism, converted their families and community members and instructed them in kosher Jewish observance. René Cano eventually moved his family to Israel in 2015 and has become Shlomo Caro. read more

    Ethiopian Jews and Israelis celebrate as emergency airlift flights are completed

    Ethiopians evacuated by Israel
    Source: New York Times
    On May 26 1991, the United States prodded the Ethiopian government to allow Israel to carry 14,500 Ethiopian Jews – just about the entire Jewish population of that country – to safety in 36 hours. The emergency rescue was carried out during the Jewish Sabbath when activities such as long-distance travel and operating machinery are prohibited. Permissible, because this was a life-saving mission.

    New York Times’ Joel Brinkley reported,

    At the airport this morning, it was difficult to tell who was more joyful — the barefoot Ethiopians who cheered, ululated and bent down to kiss the tarmac as they stepped off the planes, or the Israelis who watched them aglow, marveling at this powerful image showing that their state still holds appeal, even with all its problems… read more

    Bill Clinton tells how Hamas manipulates public perception about Israel

    Bill Clinton as ME peacemaker
    Source: Wikipedia
    Former President Bill Clinton at a May 13 political event in Ewing NJ told the audience:

    …Hamas is really smart. When they decide to rocket Israel, they insinuate themselves in the hospitals, in the schools, in the highly populous areas, and they are smart. They said they try to put Israelis in a position of either not defending themselves or killing innocents. They’re good at it. They’re smart. They’ve been doing this a long time …

    I killed myself to give the Palestinians a state. I had a deal they turned down that would have given them all of Gaza. read more

    Syrian refugees have support and assistance from the last place we expected: Israel and Jews

    Thank You Am Israel banner

    From Aboud Dandachi, the founder of

    Martin Luther King Jr. once said “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that”. For Syrian refugees, these are very dark days indeed. Driven from their country by a brutal war fueled by regional and sectarian ambitions, displaced Syrians find themselves thrown into a world where the environment has over the past year become increasingly hostile towards refugees and asylum seekers.

    But while wars and conflicts tend to bring out the very worst in human beings, dark days such as these have also given rise to amazing acts of compassion and humanity. Turned away from Arab countries, increasingly unwelcome in Europe, Syrian refugees have found support, aid and assistance from the last place they could have expected; Israeli and Jewish organizations and individuals. read more

    Purim Megillah readings in North Jersey 2016

    Purim sameach! Book of Esther Megillah readings for Northern New Jersey, Purim 2016:

    Megillah scroll
    Source: The Washington Megillah (Megillat Esther, The Book of Esther), Scroll on Parchment, Illuminated, Italy eighteenth century Hebraic Section. Library of Congress Photo

    Megillah Readings Wednesday night 23 March 2016

    7:20pm Arzei Darom, Teaneck
    7:40pm Anshei Lubavitch, Fair Lawn
    7:40pm Teaneck Jewish Center – Pressburger Regular Megillah Reading
    7:40pm Teaneck Jewish Center – Library Quiet Megillah Reading
    7:50pm Shomrei Torah, Fair Lawn
    8:00pm Zichron Mordechai
    8:00pm Zichron Mordechai
    8:15pm Teaneck Women’s Tefillah Email
    9:00pm Arzei Darom, Teaneck
    9:15pm Darchei Noam, Fair Lawn
    9:30pm Keter Torah, Teaneck
    Bnai Yeshurun
    9:45pm Beth Aaron, Teaneck
    9:45pm Shomrei Torah, Fair Lawn
    10:00pm Anshei Lubavitch, Fair Lawn

    Megillah Readings Thursday, 24 March 2016

    5:55am Shomrei Torah, Fair Lawn
    6:40am Shomrei Torah, Fair Lawn
    7:30am Teaneck Jewish Center
    8:10am Shomrei Torah, Fair Lawn
    8:30am Anshei Lubavitch, Fair Lawn
    9:25am Shomrei Torah, Fair Lawn
    9:45am Paterson Federation Building (and special event*) Contact
    11:00am Teaneck Jewish Center – Women’s Reading in Stein Contact Judi Resnick
    2:00pm Anshei Lubavitch, Fair Lawn

    Shuls/Reading Locations

  • Paterson Shul at Federation Apartments, Basement: 510 E 27 St, Paterson, New Jersey
  • Teaneck Women’s Tefillah: 595 Wyndham Road, Teaneck.

    More Megillah readings and special Purim events

    • Chabad Megillah Readings list
    • Paterson Federation Building Megillah Reading and Light Breakfast
      Learn more about the last of the Jews of Paterson and enjoy a light breakfast/seudah with these seniors, so come with costume, come with ruach! Parking is available on the street and just across the street at Rosa Parks School (former Yavneh Academy)
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    Special folk like Etzion Neuer confront hatred without becoming haters

    Etzion Neuer talking to reporter
    Source: Etzion Neuer Twitter page

    It’s always remarkable to find those champions of justice whose job it is to confront daily incidents of hatred, bigotry and harassment … who take a stand on behalf of equity and fairness … and do so without losing their faith in the overall goodness of humanity. Etzion Neuer is one such champion. He now heads up the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) NY’s Regional Operations Department and was the New Jersey office chief for over six years, handling calls for both organizations for some time. read more

    Must watch: black South Africans speak against the false labeling of Israel as an apartheid state (video)

    misusing apartheid to delegitimize Israel
    Source: Israel Collective’s “Israel and South African Apartheid” video
    Black South Africans speak out against the false labeling of Israel as an apartheid state. Olga Meshoe, CEO of DESHI International puts it wonderfully:

    When I hear that Israel is an apartheid state … depending on the mood I’m in I either pack out laughing or I get really, really angry. Because it’s an absolute lie … To incite violence and encourage the destruction of a people just because you don’t like them, that’s disgusting. You are making what our parents went through – you’re making the struggle – a mockery… read more