Truthout editor and @BernieSanders agree: Trump is a disaster, and a child

Trump stares at Hillary in 2nd debate
Trump stares at Hillary in 2nd debate Source: Twitter via
Honestly, I don’t know on voting day (November 8) whether I’m going to go into the polling booth to pull the lever for Hillary, or to write-in Bernie Sanders. When I tried to vote for Cory Booker, my fingers wouldn’t cooperate to let me do that – our bodies have their own type of knowing.

While Trump pretty much disgusts me in every way possible, the establishment politics that Hillary practices, pretty much disgust me too. There’s a definite difference in degree of disgust, though.

Because Hillary’s the candidate of the Democratic Party to which I belong, I feel obliged to try and convince myself to vote for her, so I follow discussions about the election and about the former First Lady’s positive assets as a presidential prospect. I must admit that politics aside, the idea of a woman as United States president holds a certain and distinct appeal for me.

Bernie Sanders published a statement on Medium about why he has endorsed Hillary, which I read with interest. He makes compelling points about why Hillary and more specifically, why not Trump. It’s a good, brief read.

Senior Truthout editor William Rivers Pitt wrote a brilliant piece on the failures of the debate and of each candidate, to boot. Gems contained therein are:

Translation [of Trump’s statement about the constitution]: I don’t know what “strict constitutionalist” or “living document” means. Please let me go home to my building filled with Chinese steel so I can stare at my portraits of myself. If Trump ever actually mastered two facts and rubbed them together, he’d accidentally discover fire and blow himself up…

Snot-encrusted pre-school playrooms don’t see the kind of tantrum [Trump later] pitched, and from there the devolution was on. For the remainder of the night, Trump’s responses on foreign policy, his sexual assaults, abortion, guns, economics and everything else sounded like they could have come from a Magic 8-Ball. “Answer unclear, ask again later.”

…Iran “won” the moment we invaded Iraq in 2003 on a raft of lies [Hillary] voted for, tore down the Sunni government and scattered the Ba’athist Army into the wind…

I have dealt with nine national elections on a professional level, many more on a personal level, and nothing I have seen or even heard of compares to this sick and sorry display.

If you check out Bernie and William’s posts, let me know in a comment what you think – about their statements, the election, about who you’re planning to vote for and why… I’m really interested. I’m interested in knowing too, whether you have toyed with the idea of becoming an unaffiliated voter, like I am contemplating.

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  1. Only 6 companies own all the major media portals in the US including print, audio, tv. They are all corporate owned and corporate messaged.

    Yet the way you refer to independent or smaller news sites as being biased, makes me believe that you have faith in the propaganda messaging that those 6 media conglomerates publish …

  2. I think in Brooklyn the number of suppressed votes was very high. It was also factually established and begged the question of how many votes had been suppressed in other places?

  3. In Brooklyn Dems threw away tens of thousands of votes. In other states, they closed polling locations. In some caucuses, they took control of the venues and refused admittance to Bernie supporters.

  4. Kim I’m not insulting you I promise you but how is asking for evidence aggression? I’m also not insulting your level of education I promise you. You are not the only Bernie supporter I’ve argued with on this, and just claiming Hillary is not legitimately the nominee without any evidence, drives me nuts, and lots of these people BTW I consider friends- they’re arguments can be less convincing than yours too. My comment about being a scientist is just saying where I’m coming from about my mindset about evidence – it was not to hold my education over yours and I apologize if it seemed like I was doing that, that wasn’t my intention. Let’s be happy Hillary will win and hopefully that Dems take the Senate, then Bernie will head the budget committee where he can do a lot of good.


    Bernie Sanders’ accusations that Hillary Clinton is using her joint fundraising committee to skirt federal campaign finance laws are now proven.

    According to a new Politico report, the Hillary Victory Fund has kept 99 percent of approximately $60 million it was supposedly raising for state Democratic Parties. Under the agreement signed by Democratic Party leaders in 33 states, the Hillary Victory Fund would solicit donations from super-wealthy donors for as much as $353,400.

    The deal agreed to by state parties and the Clinton campaign allows for the first $2,700 raised by the Victory Fund to go to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The next $33,400 is earmarked for the DNC, and the remaining funds are meant for state Democratic parties. Under this agreement, it was assumed that the DNC would spend that money helping each respective state party win down-ballot elections.

    However, after the original distribution, the Clinton campaign is the sole decider of what happens to the rest of the cash.

    As such, state party organizations in solidly blue states that don’t have competitive US Senate elections this year are getting zero financial benefit from the agreement. As Politico reported, the DNC exploited Minnesota’s Democratic-Farm Labor Party (the state’s Democratic Party equivalent) to the tune of $214,100

  6. I would like to point out that you seem to also be a person who has benefitted from an establishment political environment.

    In fact, your family’s tendency towards establishment conformity is probably the reason I did not understand your family at all when I was a girl. My family was living a much different reality, and I continue to do so.

    BTW I was not eligible for financial aid when my father withdrew me from Barnard. Dad’s income was too high for me to qualify.

  7. Oh, excuse me but if you keep insulting I’m going to respond in a way that you won’t like and may make you stop talking to me. I’m don’t debate in the aggressive fashion that you, apparently, enjoy. Aggression to me means an unfriendly attack. In other words, you are being unfriendly and unkind to me and I would like you to stop attacking me.

    My father whom you consider a sainted man, did not deem it necessary to provide me with education beyond age 16. So I am as far from a scientist as you can get. I adore my father, but I wish he had wanted to educate me.

  8. I’ve looked into it Kimi, and whatever you think is evidence is bogus or whoever is presenting said evidence has skewed it as they’re already prejudice do. Of course, there is no such evidence otherwise you’d show it to me. I always care about truth but truth without evidence is opinion only. I’d be a poor scientist if I didn’t insist on proof.

  9. I disagree with the comment about subverting the primaries to make sure Bernie didn’t win
    Kimi. Neither you or any Bernie supporter can point to any evidence of voter suppression across all primaries or manipulation of voting machines across multiple states. No it’s just a vague conspiracy theory laden meme offered without evidence except some inconsequential emails; it’s too close toTrumps excuse for not accepting the general election results of “widespread voting fraud” and just as bogus.

  10. Edward Spellman btw Ed, establishment politics does not at all equate with social aid programs.

    Establishment politics include a propensity for war and war profiteering; building prisons, privatizing them and changing laws to make sure those prisons are fully populated – and taking money from the prison contract owners to boot; and subverting the democratic voting process to make sure your opponent doesn’t win (Bernie Sanders) ….

    These are things Hillary does/has done as an establishment politician. They are the reason behind my dislike of her. And they have nothing to do with social assistance programs.

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