What does ‘State of Emergency’ mean in New Jersey?

State of Emergency-FreeholdWhat does ‘State of Emergency’ mean in New Jersey?

Gov. Chris Christie declared a State of Emergency in New Jersey Monday ahead of the snowstorm. According to the state Office of Emergency Management, the governor’s declaration “empowers the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management (NJOEM) to act on behalf of the Governor to employ the resources and assets of State, local and private agencies to provide immediate assistance to localities.”

A common misconception about a state of emergency is that civilians are not allowed to travel on the roads during the declaration. According to the NJOEM, “the Governor’s declaration does not normally restrict citizen movements or activities. The State may limit access to affected areas due to concerns for public safety but will notify the public of these restrictions.”

From the News 12 website

A state of emergency does not normally restrict residents from leaving their homes or using the roads, but it gives the governor the power to shut down roads, evacuate neighborhoods, direct traffic and take other measures to protect citizens.

From NorthJersey.com

A ‘travel ban’ does not automatically kick in when a State of Emergency is issued. The State of New Jersey and county governments issue travel bans when they’re concerned for the safety of motorists, and to avoid vehicles getting stuck and blocking emergency vehicles from responding to fires and other urgent matters.

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