Why block Walmart from north Jersey expansion?

Walmart exploits workers
Why is another Walmart in north Jersey a bad thing? Start off by considering these thoughts Rita Louie, Pomona’s Deputy Mayor, shared on Facebook at Dont LET WâL-MâRT RUIN Our TOWN.

Too big, too offensive, too risky, not needed, will put small businesses under, will change the character of the Rt202 corridor forever (in a bad way), will bring crime, cost taxpayers alot of money, destroy our infrastructure, destroy already suffering property values, 18 wheelers going down 202 at pre-dawn hours to make deliveries, traffic backed up onto the PIP in both directions, the remainder of Pomona will become blighted when all the stores close and we will be left holding the bag…shall I go on? Is this worth the risk so you could get a cheap shirt made in China?

In a 2008 post I asked Is Wal-Mart helping you “live better?”, and I’m sure the answer is still, “No.” In 2007 I blogged about Nation-state Walmart store police using harsh interrogation tactics against employees, and in 2011 I blogged on the Green Wei about how Walmart exploits us. Walmart employees tell their stories about experiences working for Walmart and living in the communities that it has torn apart at walmartat50.org.

If you look carefully at the real impact Walmart has on communities, you’ll know why it’s a really bad idea to let them get a foothold where you live.

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