Wonderful and damning indictments point to Clintons racism, destruction of American people & economy

girl confronts Hillary over racist statements
Source: YouTube via newsmax.com
My Hillary-supporting friends think I’m nuts for talking about how the Clintons have helped to destroy life for millions of Americans. In the process, they’ve helped destroy our economy and take “liberal” out of the Democratic Party’s philosophy. They’re a 2-man wrecking team. The not exactly-amusing (’cause it’s too real) post The Problem With Hillary, Chez, Is I Don’t Vote Republican gives “25 pretty good reasons why we Democrats don’t vote for Republicans,” and asks the darn good question: “…why would we vote for Hillary Clinton, the Rockefeller Republican who exemplifies every one of those 25 statements?

This list of 15 Ways Bill Clinton’s White House Failed America and the World is even better – it gives more details and background. I especially like the part where it talks about Bill Clinton’s attack on Sista Souljah:

Political smears: Sistah Souljah. Clinton was highly regarded by African Americans during the 1992 election cycle for his ability to articulate how racism impacted their communities. However, when it mattered most, he dropped the ball on race when it was completely unnecessary. It started when he blasted hop-hop artist Sistah Souljah over her comments in a Washington Post article about the Los Angeles riots, which were sparked by the acquittal of several Los Angeles policemen who beat truck driver Rodney King. “If black people kill black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people?” she said.

Souljah claims she was misquoted. However, a few weeks later, both she and Clinton spoke at Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition conference in Washington. Clinton used his appearance to criticize her statements, saying, “We can’t get anywhere in this country pointing the finger at one another across racial lines.” He compared her remarks to former KKK wizard David Duke.

As Matt Bai wrote for Yahoo, Clinton was not going to lose black votes by calling the rapper out. Black people were (and still are) hyper loyal to the Democratic Party. But since Clinton is being reflective about his presidency, perhaps he needs to go back to 1992 and rethink why he used his time at the Rainbow Coalition to appeal to a segment of white voters who may have wanted to see him distance himself from Rev. Jackson, still a key leader in the Democratic Party at the time.

If you read the full Washington Post coverage and listen to some of Sistah Souljah’s commentary on white supremacy, you’ll see she makes some valuable points about anti-blackness and structural racism that are worth considering. But Clinton chose not to delve into that. Instead, he preferred to sell a sistah out and play the saxophone on the Arsenio Hall show.

Newsmax tells the story of the moments between when Ashley confronted Hillary at a fundraiser and Secret Service officers escorted her out of the room. She’s the girl who asked the Secretary why she called black people “super-predators” and helped institute today’s system of mass incarceration.

Activist Ashley Williams confronted Hillary Clinton at a private fundraiser this week, and asked her to apologize for calling black youths “superpredators” in a 1996 speech.

After paying $500 to attend the event in Charleston, Williams silently unfurled a fabric sign that had Hillary Clinton’s infamous quote from her January 25, 1996, speech on policing in Keene, New Hampshire: “We have to bring them to heel.”

“I’m not a superpredator, Hillary Clinton,” the young Black Lives Matter activist said Wednesday night, according to Salon. “Can you apologize to black people for mass incarceration?” she asked the Democratic presidential front-runner.

Clinton, who was on the microphone, read aloud her old words that were printed on the sign. “Can I talk? And maybe you can listen to what I say,” said Clinton. “Okay, you want to hear the facts, or you want to just talk?”

“I know that you called black youth ‘superpredators,'” Williams responded. “Please explain for the record. Please explain it to us. You owe black people an apology.”

After she was escorted out by Secret Service agents, Williams told The Huffington Post she wanted Clinton to “confront her own words. We did this because we wanted to make sure that black people are paying attention to her record, and we want to know what Hillary we are getting,” she explained.

“Hillary Clinton has a pattern of throwing the black community under the bus when it serves her politically,” Williams said in a statement prior to the confrontation.

Salon reports on the incident:

“I’ll tell you what, if you will give me a chance to talk, I’ll approach your subject — you know what, nobody’s ever asked me that before,” Clinton said, as Williams was physically removed by a white security guard.

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  1. If I may @StephanieR. Minatee and Kimi Wei we should not digress into the characteristics of the people we each are supporting. Support whomever you want, we do not need to fight with one another about it for it will not change either of your minds about the candidate you either support or are against! The one thing we as Progressives and Democrats must do is not fall into the ignorance that is taking place in the Republican candidacy right now. The one thing all of us must do is look at the candidates and their platform and their history in public life. We must decide for ourselves what we will or will not accept from the person we choose to support. I am a Black woman and I must say that the things that many Black people seem to be so enamored with the Clintons about really confuses me. More negative things were done against Black people during Bill Clinton’s presidency than even in George W’s presidency. The archaic prison reform laws came about under Bill Clinton, Welfare Reform came under Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton signed NAFTA trade agreement which began the move to shift American jobs over seas. If you Sister Stephanie like Hilary, that is your right to do so but this argument between you two very progressive women I believe could be better served finding common ground as to how we will all come together and support which ever one of them that becomes the Democratic Nominee! We have a right to hold fast to our beliefs and opinions about all of the people running for President, what we cannot afford to do is allow them to divide us thereby allowing one of those dangerous Republicans to get into the Oval office again. Not trying to throw shade at either of you, just trying to keep us on track because we must stay focused on who will do the most for the American citizenry, all of the American citizenry and not just a select few! Thank you Sisters for allowing me to enter your conversation and I pray that each of you allow our commonalities to keep us from dividing ourselves and leaving us weak and defenseless against the hated and bigotry of the Republicans who are running for the office of President.

  2. We have a difference of opinion. Putting BLACK men in jail is wrong but I do not have the anger you have. I choose to fight differently, that’s all. … and as for Sanders, only an out of touch White person will say that all Black people are poor and live on ghettos.

    1. I just don’t understand how, as a self-respecting black woman you can ignore the fact that Hillary set out to intentionally jail 2.2 million black and brown men (and some women). And please, don’t talk to me about the past – that number are people in jail today.

  3. Not long ago Hillary got caught taking hundreds of millions from prison privatizers. Apologized and promised to give ALL the money back. And then she gave back $157,000 – last year’s money only.

    #1 She’s despicable #2 She’s a liar #3 She’s money hungry.

  4. Look what the liar did right in the post that started this thread: promised a little girl she would answer her questions – and then had the Secret Service usher the girl out of the room. Classic Hillary.

    1. If you quote a liar, what does that make you? If you promote the words of that liar, what does that make you?

      Like your girl Hillary, you’re going to prevaricate but won’t answer a valid question.

    1. Well why don’t you tell that to the millions of women and children that their policies put into poverty? I’m sure they would be happy to hear this news from you. It is their reality and it is factual just like their crime bill and the deregulation of Wall st all of these things are “Old News.” But we still suffer the consequences of these policies today.

  5. You’re going to let that f-er Hillary get away with lying about every damn thing and nitpick on Sanders for making a single stupid mistake? He’s talking about people who do live in poverty in urban hubs, not about all black people. Unlike Hillary who doesn’t even know what the definition of sincerity is, Sanders is a decent and sincere person. Give him some slack.

    Please, don’t bother me with craziness.

    1. The problem with Clinton’s claims, however, is that she betrayed children as First Lady. Under the guise of welfare reform, the Clinton administration worked with Republicans to gut social services, ignoring their own senior officials’ warnings that, by doing so, they would be plunging over a million children into poverty.

    2. She’s qualified to destroy your sons. If that’s what you want Stefanie R. Minatee, go for it. But plenty of self-respecting black, brown and other ethnic minority people are not going to do the same.

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