1-9 Restaurant Closed July ’09

On the way to visit our friend Yin Hoong at the crafts show in Point Pleasant Beach where she was exhibiting yesterday, my family drove past the 1-9 Restaurant in Avenel (in the Edison area). Noticing that the parking lot was empty, we pulled in to see why and found a court order notice posted on the door calling for the place to be turned over to its landlord immediately. The door was locked and the restaurant vacant.

This dimsum spot (lately known as A-K Restaurant) has served my family excellent dishes – and a good sampling of it – on the several occasions we’ve visited and we feel sorry to see it go.

This follows on the heel of the closing of the Asian Market on Route 27 in Edison about two weeks ago. I’d planned to pick up some groceries while I was in the area about 10 days ago and the friend I asked for directions told me, “No, don’t go there now – it’s closed. The building was sold and is being turned into a Korean supermarket.” A few days later I was checking out the noodle soup options at China Bowl, which is still open in a different part of the same strip mall, and saw for myself the conversion project under way around the market. It’s under construction and is completely fenced in.

The landscape in the Edison Chinese cuisine area is changing.

A friend recommends Kings Chef as a dimsum alternative, we’ll have to try it. I love Wonder Seafood’s cooking, but the wait for a table there is long and claustrophic, and it’s likely to get worse with a major competitor’s closing.

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