Blacks & Latinos get less Sandy relief according to Christie Admin

A report published on 12 December 2013 with data obtained by the Fair Share Housing Center (FSHC) raises serious questions about whether the Sandy relief programs have operated in an equitable and transparent manner. The reports, obtained through litigation with the Christie Administration and reviewed by the NAACP and Latino Action Network show that Latinos and African Americans have been rejected by the State at much higher rates than Caucasians for both Resettlement and RREM programs, which are the two major programs designed to provide funds for homeowners impacted by Sandy.

sandy relief denied to African AmericansRejected by RREM Program
Caucasians: 13.6%
Latinos: 18.1%
and African Americans: 35.1%

Rejected by Resettlement Program
Caucasians: 14.5%
Latinos: 20.4%
and African Americans: 38.1%

Complete data.
See more at Latino, African-American Applicants Unfairly Denied Sandy Relief Funds?.

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