Don’t be fooled – Christie’s still bent on destroying public ed & New Jersey

Christie IHOPIt’s more than laughable that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is suddenly trying to show the nation that he cares about public education and the teachers whose lives, finances and careers he’s been systematically destroying ever since taking office two elections ago. It should be next to impossible to show something that isn’t real, but we’re talking about a public relations genius who got elected in 2013 on the strength of mistruth whoppers, namely:

  1. Christie hugged Obama to make himself look like a moderate Republican ready to reach over the aisle to form an alliance with Democrats to care for the people of his state when tragedy struck.
  2. Christie acts like he cares about New Jersey residents hardest hit by Superstorm Sandy.

The facts are that Christie has no love for the President. He hasn’t “done a good enough job distributing the (Sandy recovery funds) New Jersey has already received” and he refuses to release $500 million of federal recovery funds to applicants that have been qualified as eligible for help. Christie’s political grandstanding also arguably cost New Jersey schools hundreds of millions of dollars.

While on the subject of education: to whet your appetite, the Washington Post did a round-up in January 2014 of various ways Christie has been noticed doing harm to New Jersey teachers. If you want something really damning, turn to Jersey’s Jazzman’s The Screaming Hypocrisy of @GovChristie On Education.

Let’s not forget about his corporate tax giveaways, the Exxon-Mobil settlement he arranged that will rob New Jersey of $8.5B damages payments from the oil giant and Bridgegate. Even a master propaganda artist can’t put a positive spin on a record this bad. Want to see more? Check out this extensive list from One New Jersey of too many ways Christie has dismally failed the people of New Jersey.

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