Heed MLK and don’t vote for Booker. No voten por Booker.

Rush Holt the educatorThere’s a New Jersey primary today to select candidate for special election in October. If you want a senator who will stand up for the wealthy to pay their fair share, help lead the fight against foreclosures, defend public education, privacy and protect us against climate change, vote for Rush Holt. His early career years were spent as a rocket scientist and a teacher. Holt has backbone and priorities aligned with fairness for working folk and clean air for all.

Polls are open today till 8pm, so get out and vote! Not sure where your voting place is? Find your polling location.

booker & christie broke back of teachers' unionHeed the words of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and do not vote for Cory Booker, who does not possess the respectable virtues Dr. King believed in:

We must do more than register and more than vote; we shall have to create leaders who embody virtues we respect, who have moral and ethical principles we can applaud.

No voten por Booker quién ha traicionado a los ciudadanos de Newark y traicionará a todo el país con el alcanze de oficina nacional. Booker es completamente subordinado a los multi-milionarios que lo mantienen.

Booker está ayudando a destruir educación pública para los niños de familias humildes y correr a estas mismas familias de sus hogares en ciudades urbanas. Él y sus amigos quieren apoderarse de la tierra que ocupen para proyectos de desenvolvimiento comercial.

Plainfield Council candidate Rebecca Williams and I support Holt for the same reasons. While Frank Pallone is a perfectly good candidate, he is much slower to get behind progressive issues, and hasn’t stuck out his neck like Holt to be a front-runner for what is right for average Americans. We need more progressives in DC – people like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Rush Holt.

Booker’s actions and ties speak volumes for him: his betrayal of Newark people’s trust and his close ties to GOP party members such as Christie, Boteach and Romney, and to big money are way too easy to find. Cory’s touchy-feely presence lacks substance because it’s all manipulating public perception, clever social media placements and slick marketing. The real Cory Booker is not a person you can admire.

Booker’s record in Newark speaks for itself: he has choked residents out of police and fire protection, public services like genuine snow removal (not just the hand-shoveling stunts Cory has pulled for press coverage) and street repair, and he has led the brutal initiative to de-fund and close Newark public schools. Booker and his friends clearly are determined to push working class Blacks and Latinos out of Newark – and all major cities – and make them friendly for gentrifiers and developers. Booker’s actions show exactly where his priorities lie: he always sides with big money and industry, and never with working people.

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