NAACP’s police interaction guide: The 411 on the 5-0

411 on the 5-0 pamphletThe NAACP advises that the “war on crime” fought by police, sometimes results in innocent people needlessly surrendering constitutional and civil rights which they are not aware they have. The NAACP and its members support just and effective law enforcement, and also believes that people must learn how to exercise our constitutional rights to ensure that law enforcement, and law officers, work as they should: to protect all United States citizens and visitors regardless of race, ethnicity, immigration or economic status.

The 411 on the 5-0 is the NAACP’s “Real World Guide to Interacting with Law Enforcement”. It offers helpful suggestions on how to interact with law enforcement officers to minimize any possibility of conflict or loss of rights. Please take a look at it and share your thoughts.

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  1. Great job! Well done! I would love to see these handed out at schools. Also give copies to the various Bar Associations so lawyers can be sure to give these to clients and their families. I would pass these on to churches, AAA meetings, put this on Facebook etc. it is well written and respectful to both police and citizens.

    1. Contact Evan Johnson to order your pamphlets (100 for $15) from the NAACP. Mr. Johnson can be reached via email at or by sending a check made out to the NAACP to the attention of Evan Johnson, 4805 Mt. Hope Dr., Baltimore, MD 21208.

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