Sinbad Restaurant, Secaucus – good plus

My boys are performing right now as part of the Nets’ pregame entertainment with their Chinese Lion Dance troupe, but they don’t like to stay on for the game itself. Aside from the fact that last year when the troupe performed the Nets players treated the troupe very shabbily, clasping their hands securely behind their backs as they jogged past the all-kids troupe members so the kids couldn’t make an attempt to high-five the players or grasp their hands, my sons and I were completely united in our distaste for the game itself. The kids don’t care to sit through another game and I personally, would have to be offered quite a pretty penny to ever consider watching even part of a game again [last time they performed I sat through half the game].

My family was amazed to learn how much closer professional modern basketball is to a spectacle than to a sport. A huge media screen hangs above the court broadcasting a constant litany of noisy, inane animated activity. Game time-outs are apparently called for the express purpose of facilitating commercial breaks for major networks. In every hallway a lineup of vendors sell items only tangentially related to the sport, or not related to it at all.

So what am I doing while I wait for 7:30 when I can retrieve my kokokids and spirit them away back home? Exactly the same thing I did last year while I waited for the game to finish after leaving at half-time because I couldn’t tolerate the plasticity of the iZod center any more – enjoying a taste sensation in the serene mustard and burnt orange painted salon of the Sinbad Grill & Lounge, a few minutes down the road from the stadium. Tonight the music playing softly in the background is a combination of country, soft rock and easy-listening Arabic. The accommodating owner agreed to give me 1/2 a skewer of chicken kebab along with a ground meat kefta ($12.99), plus a small order each of hummous and babaganoush ($5.99) instead of single, regular sized orders of either entrée or side dish choice. I was also served two cups of tangy but smooth, anything but bitter Arabic coffee ($2.00 a cup). Yumm.

In short, I’ve been having myself a very nice time over an excellent meal. You should come here yourself some time – I’m sure you’ll have at least an equally pleasant and enjoyable meal. If you come for lunch during the week you can also get served one of the $8.99 house specials.

Sinbad Grill & Lounge LLC
20 Meadowlands Pkwy
Secaucus, NJ 07094
(201) 770-9300
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