How by abandoning their vows to serve the public, American politicians precipitated the pandemic meltdown

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In a brilliant New Yorker article, Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor lays out the steps by which the abandonment of middle and poor Americans by both US political parties led to society’s present collapse. Although the coronavirus was the immediate trigger, the erosion of society’s wellbeing began way back in 1969. Collapse was an occurrence primed to happen at some point, and now just happened to be the time.

For 50 years, since 1979, national leaders increasingly backed away from their obligation to care for vulnerable and working class Americans. As they did, financial instability increased and the chance to acquire wealth became much more limited. Those were the perfect conditions for the meltdown known as American life in the days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Millions were driven into a state of deprivation that made happy lives impossible. And over time, the country destabilized economically. Students were still paying back college loans into their golden years. Aspiring homeowners could not afford mortgages. Urban residents live with air quality so poor that one in four has asthma and health concerns affect all areas of family’s lives. Poor health affects the’ ability to earn adequate incomes and keep up with the demands of digital life.

For years, the United States has gotten away with persistently chipping away at its weak welfare state by hiding or demonizing the populations most dependent on it. The poor are relegated as socially dysfunctional and inept, unable to cash in on the riches of American society ... The debate over the role of government in addressing income inequality, housing insecurity, debt accumulation, and health care continues, now against the grim backdrop of the raging coronavirus. It is difficult to articulate the speed with which the U.S. and, indeed, the world, has descended into an existential crisis.  read more

GOP’s Iowa ad: Bernie wants taxes on the rich and health care for all – he’s horrible!

raise taxes on the super-rich
The GOP is running a pro-Bernie campaign ad in Iowa …

Bernie Sanders himself is one of the few American politicians who probably knows exactly why the anti-him ad the GOP is running in Iowa seems more like #FeelTheBern advertising. Is the GOP promoting Bernie’s free college and health care for all / time to tax Wall Street and the rich agenda / because they haven’t noticed these things will help most Americans – or – could they actually be trying to help Bernie get elected, because they think he’ll be easier to beat than Hillary?

We’re going to have to wait to learn what Senator Sanders thinks about this ad but meanwhile, how about you: what do you think of it?

Why Bernie Sanders will win the Dem primary by a landslide

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Columnist H. A. Goodman gives great reasons for predicting a landslide win for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary, now that:

  1. Bernie’s consistently polling ahead of Hillary in both New Hampshire and Iowa, and
  2. Uncomfortable truths about Hillary are emerging into the mainstream media than her campaign can handle.

Sanders has once again surpassed Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire, and when he wins both, could easily take South Carolina. With three initial losses, Clinton’s Southern “firewall” and hopes at a big Super Tuesday would be done, and the positive media coverage alone would propel Sanders throughout the primaries … After these initial wins for Bernie Sanders, the media will finally jump on the bandwagon, leading to a landslide victory for Sanders in 2016. read more