The 6th USCT at Trenton Barrack’s 3 Centuries of Black Soldiers 2018 event

Chuck at 3 Centuries

6th USCT member Ari Lopez Wei filmed this short video of the troop at the 2018 Three Centuries of Black Soldiers event at the Trenton Barracks Museum which took place the last weekend of Black History Month. It is sponsored by the museum and the 6th USCT re-enactment troop.

Knowing Newark book available for free at NPL locations

Knowing Newark
Source: Newark Public Library
In honor of Newark’s 350th anniversary, the Newark Public Library announces the publication of Knowing Newark: Selected Star-Ledger Columns by city historian and librarian Charles F. Cummings in a 112-page book.

Knowing Newark: Selected Star-Ledger Columns by Charles F. Cummings is available for order on The 112-page book is available for $6.74 ($2.75 for the book + $3.99 shipping). The book will be available free of charge at any Newark Public Library location.

The Library has also created a companion Knowing Newark website that will make all 500 of Cummings’ columns available for the first time. The first 100 columns are already online at and the rest will be added over the course of the year. Each column is illustrated and keyword searchable. read more

The history of desk spaces from 1980 thru the internet cloud era

time lapseA Harvard Innovation Lab team took on the challenge of showing how our desktops have evolved through transferring all of the functions we used to have physically present on our desk spaces that are now on portable laptops. Watch ‘the history of the computer desk’, a truly marvellous time lapse video by Best Reviews.

What Google knows about you & how to manage some of it

Google logo
6 links that will show you what Google knows about you. You can manage some of the information and other stuff you can find out about.

NJ’s Amistad Act calls for accurate history lessons in schools. Time to fund it.

NJ Amistad Curriculum
The Amistad Act became law in New Jersey half a generation ago, which I learned today is long enough ago for young equal education activists to have never heard of it. “What’s that?” a young friend asked on Facebook when I suggested that we pressure state government to fund the Amistad Commission’s mandate to bring historically accurate curricula and books that teach the true roles African Americans and other ethnic minorities have played in the evolution of society both at home and abroad, to all K-12 classrooms. This knowledge is not currently being taught to our children but in New Jersey it ought to be, because state law calls for it. read more