Young Bernie campaigned for civil rights and Hillary, for segregationist Goldwater

Bernie marched with MLK, HRC supported Goldwater
Source: Carl Manley on Facebook
On Facebook, Carl Manley shared this photo and these very enlightening words:

I’m not trying to tell you who to vote for in the upcoming election, I’m just asking you how many current presidential candidates marched with the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? In 1963 Bernie Sanders Marched With MLK Jr on Washington DC’s “I Have A Dream Speech”. In 1964, Hillary Clinton Campaigned for Sen Goldwater who Promised to Racially Re-Segregate the Nation & Overturn the Civil Rights Act. read more

Most inspiring message on Why Vote!

I am honored by the opportunity to display this message on my website. Rev. Dr. William Barber II shares the historical time line of Black and ethnic minority acquisition of the rights to vote, to have equality in housing and economic opportunities and reminds us, “If there was ever a time to vote that time is NOW.”

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