Dems step up cheating attempts to push Bernie down: this time, blocking him from DC ballot

Bernie Birdie
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I don’t know what has happened to the Democratic Party I grew up loving. With Helmet Hair Hillary at the Helm, it’s a transmogrification that could potentially make my sainted mother turn over in her grave. Sorry, Mom.

After Bernie won 3 caucuses in one day on March 26 and closed the gap between his pledged delegate count and Hillary’s to just 200, the people who do these things refused to allocate all of the Washington delegates. That way, nobody could see how much ground Hillary had lost. Stepping back a few days, we had massive voter fraud in Arizona‘s Dem primary. Some say the fraud doesn’t involve Hillary but, What! Who do they think they’re kidding? read more

Many excellent reasons young people like Bernie much more than Hillary

The Youth Vote Matters
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My answer to friend Bryan Alexander‘s question to friends earned me the top spot in his Facebook post list for 2016. He asked: “Here’s a question for readers of any political stripe. Why is Bernie Sanders winning much more of the youth vote, as compared to Hillary Clinton?”

My response. I’ve got 2 millennials at home, both social/environmental justice champions. They love Bernie for a plethora of reasons:

He explains how political and financial systems work, and they want to know. read more

Why Bernie Sanders will win the Dem primary by a landslide

Bernie Sanders winner
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Columnist H. A. Goodman gives great reasons for predicting a landslide win for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary, now that:

  1. Bernie’s consistently polling ahead of Hillary in both New Hampshire and Iowa, and
  2. Uncomfortable truths about Hillary are emerging into the mainstream media than her campaign can handle.

Sanders has once again surpassed Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire, and when he wins both, could easily take South Carolina. With three initial losses, Clinton’s Southern “firewall” and hopes at a big Super Tuesday would be done, and the positive media coverage alone would propel Sanders throughout the primaries … After these initial wins for Bernie Sanders, the media will finally jump on the bandwagon, leading to a landslide victory for Sanders in 2016. read more

Get a copy of Bernie Sanders’ autobiography with a donation of ANY size

Get Bernie's book for donationWant to learn how Sen. Bernie Sanders became the only Independent federal Senator in the United States? Read his autobiography, which his campaign will send you in exchange for a donation of ANY size.

I had $3 to share so that’s what I sent and a few days later, there was the book sitting proudly in my mailbox. It’s a great, easy and fascinating read. I not only recommend it, I urge you to get your own copy and learn more about partisan politics, running an excellent campaign, community organizing and of course, Bernie Sanders himself – who has become the front-runner in the 2016 Democractic primary election despite being ignored by major media outlets much of the time. read more

Heed MLK and don’t vote for Booker. No voten por Booker.

Rush Holt the educator

Rush Holt the educatorThere’s a New Jersey primary today to select candidate for special election in October. If you want a senator who will stand up for the wealthy to pay their fair share, help lead the fight against foreclosures, defend public education, privacy and protect us against climate change, vote for Rush Holt. His early career years were spent as a rocket scientist and a teacher. Holt has backbone and priorities aligned with fairness for working folk and clean air for all.

Polls are open today till 8pm, so get out and vote! Not sure where your voting place is? Find your polling location. read more