Christie vetoes equal pay for women, says women are not equal

Christie against women
Source: Ultraviolet
Christie explains the reason he vetoed on May 9 a bill that would protect New Jersey women against pay discrimination. His reason, according to

Biblically speaking, women aren’t and will never be equal to men. And that includes their salaries.

That sums his position up pretty neatly, I think. But I should warn readers that Politicops is known for posting plenty of satire and even occasionally errr, untruths.

Christie vetoed bill requiring police & firemen to live in NJ communities they serve

Newark police
Photo source: unknown photo of Newark Police found via Patch
It’s a sad state of affairs when community servants are “vehemently opposed” to living in the communities they serve. That is nevertheless the case for policemen and firefighters, who consider it a huge win that Christie vetoed the residency requirement bill A4265 that passed both State Senate and Assembly this summer. The bill calls for new hires to live in the town they serve, “for the first 5 years on the job.” The NJ Fraternal Order of Police website states: read more

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