The cost of “tough on crime” is $1B each year of your taxpayer money

people in prisonvlogbrothers has created a sobering video about the “massive $75 BILLION per year failed experiment” we’re living in – which is what it costs American taxpayers each year to keep almost 1% of our neighbors in prison.

The video’s done in a light-hearted animation style and is under 4 minutes long, but pay attention to the scary statistics:

Video brought to you courtesy of Natalie Hussein Wells‘ link to attn:‘s informative article. And remember, if you don’t want to support and pay for this crazy system, vote for politicians that favor reducing our incarceration rate, like 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was in the news after he called on the White House to take executive action against certain tax breaks. Among them is a real estate loophole that allows business like private prisons to avoid corporate income taxes by claiming that they make money from rents. He has also voted in favor of investing in alternative sentencing as opposed to building more prisons.

vlogbrothers credits The Prison Policy Initiative “for research help and fact checking”.

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