Worse than election rigging: Hillary & DNC sabotage Bernie’s campaign too

bernie can beat me only if people believe
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On the Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative, Barbara With follows the breadcrumb trail of intentional sabotage of Bernie Sander’s campaign that leads right back Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee headed by Debbie Wasserman Schulz.

The DNC has recommended campaign strategists and directors to the Sanders campaign – people whom have worked against the campaign’s success, instead of for it … and some of whom have been Clinton appointees and employees too. We’re talking access to “NGP-VAN, the vendor that controls the DNC voter database”, leaving Sanders off the ballot in DC and outright election fraud in Arizona and maybe other states.

With writes,

With so much at stake for the billionaire class Sanders is running against, it’s easy to understand why Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein labeled this as a “dangerous moment” in American politics. Their gal Hillary is no match for the people-powered revolution Sanders has inspired, including record fundraising that will allow ample funds to move these lawsuits forward.

As Stephen Coyne so aptly reminds us, “We need to understand, the Clinton enterprise will do anything to steal this election.”

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