Bernie Sanders: Koch Bros want to end equality, dignity and hope in America. Don’t let them.

Sanders against Koch BrosBernie Sanders lays out exactly what the Koch Brothers want.

With money comes power, and these guys have plenty of money, so watch out America: the Koch Brothers wealth increased by $12B in 2014. They are after your food stamps and other nutrition programs. They want Obamacare dismantled … and same for the United States Post Office, Social Security and housing assistance programs. They want prison populations increased and public education, gone forever. They want to house our parents and grandparents in homes where they decide what food and care they will get.

The Koch Brothers, the Walton Family (that owns Walmart) and their colleagues in ALEC want America to experience the type of crushing poverty portrayed by Dickens in Victorian England.

Your first defense against these monsters: to vote in politicians who are community minded and responsive to the needs of the people they serve – by voting out politicians loyal to their interests. No excuses about why you shouldn’t vote! Giving up your vote is the same as giving 2 votes to people who want to make you suffer: when one of those people cast his/her vote – and you failed to balance out the election results with your own vote – you just gave their vote double power.

Secondly, boycott. The sad truth is that a lot of these people’s wealth comes from selling us toilet paper, cleaning products and items like these. So learn what products their companies make – and don’t buy them. Ever. Once they get their hands on it, your money will be used against you, in every possible way.

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  1. People have to wake up and pay attention to who really is in charge of the way things happen around them and to them because of a few individuals who are truly in control of the world around them. WAKE UP AMERICA. DON’T blame anyone but yourself. Vote and be informed. It’s that simple. I dislike people who are always criticizing about who is in charge and the decisions they make but when they have a chance to vote those people out of office, they prefer to stay home and let the other guy vote for them. If you don’t vote then shut the hell up and accept what you get. You are the problem but you can also be the solution. VOTE, VOTE ,VOTE !!!!

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