This year’s NJ Urban Mayor’s Conf on 5/5 features Urban Ag – public is invited to attend, free

Urban Ag Mayor's Conf bannerThe NJ Urban Mayors Association (NJUMA) will convene the 2016 Urban Agriculture as an Economic Development Tool Conference in Trenton, NJ this coming Thursday on May 5. The event is open to the public and is free, but we ask that you register.

Municipalities and partners across the state will be introduced to the economic possibilities that exist through urban agriculture. Participants will gather and demonstrate their commitment to the shared goals of creating jobs, growing our economy and improving our quality of life.

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Became a beekeeper, got stung a lot, definitely need a bee jacket & a lesson in how to work my smoker

NUCs have arrived 160422

150 NUCs on that truck and two of them are mine!

Became a beekeeper when I received 2 NUCs (5 frames) of bees at 8:20 on 22 April 2016. Got the first sting on my pinky around 8:45 – I must have been pressing on one of the little critters. By 9:15 I’d been stung 6 more times: upper arm four times plus under my shirt AND under my skirt.

Oops! forgot I shouldn’t be wearing a skirt while beekeping, but I was on my way to a Passover celebration and was dressed for the occasion. When I stopped by at home to pick something up, I heard a buzzing sound near my head and said to myself – you see, you’re so freaked out by the experience of situating your bees in the dark of night all by yourself and getting stung that now you’re imagining there are bees buzzing around your head. But then I caught a glimpse in the bathroom mirror of a bee sitting all pretty and relaxed, right on my shirt collar and the next day I found another trying valiantly to work her way out of our screened-in kitchen window. So the buzzing was bees, and not my imagination. I ended up bringing another bee with me to the seder table – found her on my hand.

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UBER begins operating in Newark legally – and will pay $10M for airport access

Newark Penn Station 2015

Newark Penn Station Source: Wikipedia

Newark, NJ on 27 April 2016 – Mayor Ras J. Baraka, UBER NJ General Manager Ana Mahony and taxi owner/drivers revealed additional details of the preliminary Newark/UBER agreement which was announced last week and signed on Tuesday, 26 April. The enhanced plan assures rider safety, provides revenue to Newark and protects the taxi industry.

This is the first agreement UBER has made with any major city in New Jersey and consists of:

  • UBER drivers may not stand in areas set aside for taxi waiting and will wait at an off-airport dispatch location to receive calls through the UBER app.
  • UBER drivers are prohibited from staying at Newark terminals to receive dispatches.
  • The City of Newark can receive a $3 Million up-front payment as part of the previously announced $10 Million permit fee to be paid by UBER over 10 years specifically for operating at Newark Liberty International Airport.
  • Even if a state-wide law is passed regulating UBER, UBER will remain obligated to pay the $10 million.
  • Newark may audit UBER’s compliance with this agreement annually.
  • UBER will provide $1.5M of commercial liability insurance coverage for all drivers operating on the platform.
  • UBER will conduct background checks on all drivers through a nationally-accredited, third-party provider. These checks will examine county, state and federal records, as well as motor vehicle records, sex offender registries and terror watch lists.
  • UBER will enforce a zero tolerance policy for drug and alcohol use by drivers using the UBER app.

Mayor Baraka said, “My goals have been to protect the safety of UBER riders, to require UBER to pay its fair share including fees and permits under the same kind of regulations as other businesses in Newark, and to create a level playing field for UBER and the Taxi and Limousine Industry. The agreement is fair to all and allows UBER to become a good corporate citizen of Newark. This agreement is good for economic development and job growth in Newark. UBER is an important addition to our city’s rapidly expanding technology sector.”

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Protected: NJ Beekeeping information

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Anonymous exposes the many public deceptions & self-serving actions of Hillary Clinton (video)

Anonymous reveals Hillary

Source: Anonymous via YouTube

In an April 19 video Anonymous calls Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal, the watchdog group exposes many of Hillary’s acts of deception intended to advance her own family’s finances and careers at the expense of the American public – and other equally disturbing facts.

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To reduce fraud, we need impartial election oversight – immediately

Rosario Dawson on Young Turks

Source: The Young Turks

In a Young Turks interview with Rosario Dawson, Linda Sarsour & political analyst Nomiki Konst, Nomiki tells how Iowa college students at an Iowa college she visited were barred from participating in their local Democratic caucus. At 7pm the doors were closed, excluding 400 students who had patiently waited on line for four hours to select their party’s presidential candidate. The caucus location selected this year was much smaller than previous years’ locations and only a small number of would-be caucusers could be accommodated.

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Bernie Sanders speaks at the Vatican and meets Pope Francis

Bernie Sanders at Vatican


Bernie Sanders spoke at the Vatican on 16 April 2016. Here are the Video and Transcript of his prepared remarks.

Sen. Sanders met with Pope Francis early Saturday morning in the foyer of the Casa Santa Marta, the Vatican guesthouse where Francis resides and where Sanders and his wife spent Friday night as well. No photographs were permitted.

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Break Free into Renewable Energy Now!

Break Free Albany 2016 flyerBreak Free Albany 2016 on May 14 in Albany, NY is a mass demonstration for climate justice … a unified demand to keep fossil fuels in the ground and implement renewable energy now. Anyone interested in clean energy and a renewable energy future is welcome to attend.

Sign up for a bus departing the New Jersey area from Teaneck, Wayne, West Nyack and South Jersey. $35 round trip if you can afford the cost and scholarships available if you can’t.

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Sen Bob Menendez Hosts Empowerment Summit in Trenton on April 22 – Free

Sen Bob Menendez Empowerment SummitU.S. Senator Bob Menendez Hosts an Empowerment Summit for the Community

Friday 22 April 2016
Trenton War Memorial
1 Memorial Drive
Trenton, NJ 08608

Cost: Free
Lunch will be served
RSVP here

Visit the summit event page for additional information

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Cis seems like just another word for ‘straight’ … and about gender as a spectrum



Came across the word cis today, which I looked up and discovered it means exactly the same to me as the word ‘straight’ always meant. So, has straight been run over by the politically incorrect bus and I can’t use that word any more?

Cis (aka cisgender) is the term for people biologically born as women, who identify as women or people born male, who identify as male. So, another way of putting would be: cis is a person whose gender identity matches the sex into which s/he was born.

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Kristof: It’s not easy for white Americans to own the advantages systemic racism gives them

Nicholas Kristof

Columnist Nicholas D. Kristof, at 2010 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland
© World Economic Forum by Monika Flueckiger

In Half the Sky, Nicholas Kristof and his wife and co-author Sheryl WuDunn told the stories of women oppressed by prostitution slavery – or just oppressive sentiment concerning women – in Asian and African countries. Now they are focusing on the disparities and injustice in American society that have been created by gender and wealth disparities and that favor people with certain racial or ethnic backgrounds, a project (and book) they call A Path Appears.

In a 2014 article, WaPo’s Emily Badger interviews Kristof on the topic of systemic racism: how it affects its victims and why it’s so difficult for white Americans to see that their advantages cause other people to be disadvantaged.

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Worse than election rigging: Hillary & DNC sabotage Bernie’s campaign too

bernie can beat me only if people believe


On the Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative, Barbara With follows the breadcrumb trail of intentional sabotage of Bernie Sander’s campaign that leads right back Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee headed by Debbie Wasserman Schulz.

The DNC has recommended campaign strategists and directors to the Sanders campaign – people whom have worked against the campaign’s success, instead of for it … and some of whom have been Clinton appointees and employees too. We’re talking access to “NGP-VAN, the vendor that controls the DNC voter database”, leaving Sanders off the ballot in DC and outright election fraud in Arizona and maybe other states.

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I just got educated about some election rigging methods Dem Party & Hillary use


Voting Machines Are Swell!

Criminetleys. Alternet writer Roseann Demoro (read on Salon) just taught me a whole bunch of things about Hillary skullduggery and Dem Party primary vote-rigging shenanigans that I was completely ignorant of. Here are the items that surprised me most:

Press conferences. Sanders is happy to talk to the press, Hillary not so much. Ostensibly, she wants to stay in charge of her message and make sure reporters don’t get the chance to pin her down on the weird stuff she does… (like flip-flop positions, steal Sanders’ most popular position stands, get huge support from soul-sucking Wall Street firms and from the Daddy of public education destruction in the US, Eli Broad – whose lawyer HRC used to be).

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Dems step up cheating attempts to push Bernie down: this time, blocking him from DC ballot

Bernie Birdie

Source: Bernie2016 Campaign

I don’t know what has happened to the Democratic Party I grew up loving. With Helmet Hair Hillary at the Helm, it’s a transmogrification that could potentially make my sainted mother turn over in her grave. Sorry, Mom.

After Bernie won 3 caucuses in one day on March 26 and closed the gap between his pledged delegate count and Hillary’s to just 200, the people who do these things refused to allocate all of the Washington delegates. That way, nobody could see how much ground Hillary had lost. Stepping back a few days, we had massive voter fraud in Arizona‘s Dem primary. Some say the fraud doesn’t involve Hillary but, What! Who do they think they’re kidding?

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Suspended Wyckoff NJ Police Chief stands by statement that racial profiling is necessary

Chief Ben Fox letter to officers

Source: via the ACLU

New Jersey Police Chief Benjamin Fox was suspended on 22 March 2016 for the statements made in a 2014 email to his staff which specifically – and in precise language – instructs Wyckoff officers to continue to “check out suspicious black people in white neighborhoods.”

But Fox claims that his statements aren’t racist and don’t promote racial profiling. Read the article, let me know what you think.

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