Truthout’s WRPitt is terrified by Hillary & Trump – and bursting proud of Bernie

Anonymous blows lid off Hillary

Source: Anonymous

Truthout editor William Rivers Pitt sees exactly what I do: that Hillary Clinton is just about as scary a presidential candidate as Donald Trump is. And there are more like us out there.

I was a proposed Bernie pledged delegate, but was bumped off the Democratic National Convention attendance roster because my district vote was split and Hillary as front-running candidate got the first pick. Once Hillary’s people chose her delegates and Bernie’s campaign picked my son Ivan Wei, there was no room left for me.

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Principal Moody suspended for letting Paterson rapper Fetty Wap film music video at East Side High

Principal Zatiti Moody

Source: Urban Renaissance Media

A Paterson principal known for his educating excellence and strict discipline enforcement has been suspended from office by the New Jersey State appointed superintendent known for his attempts to keep Paterson students from experiencing quality education. The ostensible reason for the suspension: Principal Zatiti Moody allowed music phenomenon Fetty Wap to film a music video at East Side High School which contains twerking and portrays drug use. Behaviour that – like it or not – happens to be part of the school experience for many urban students.

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NCC’s vocational training programs in Newark are underway – apply today

OSHA training grads

Credit: Essex County

If you know someone looking for a job or seeking new skills, check out New Community Workforce Development Center’s vocational training programs in the fields of:

  • Academic Enrichment
  • Allied Health*
    (*Home Health Aide, EKG Technician, Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician and Patient Care Technician)
  • Automotive
  • Building Trades/Construction
  • Culinary Arts
  • ShopRite Partners-In-Training

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A kid created a browser app that shows you who is buying politicians

Greenhouse browser plug-in


16 year old Nick Rubin created a browser plug-in called Greenhouse that lets you hover over politicians’ names on any web page to see which donors have given them money, and how much. Vice reports that it works in, “Chrome, Firefox, and Safari and is completely free.” Here’s more:

How does Greenhouse work?
It works by highlighting the name of any member of Congress on any website, and when you hover over these names a little box appears that shows detailed contribution information with amounts and where those amounts have come from. It’s basically a list of the top-ten industries from which they receive their money. My goal was to create something that promotes transparency. It would be great if people used it on sites where they’re reading about politics every day. For example, if you’re reading a piece on Congress votes for energy policy, you might see that a sponsor has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the oil and gas industry. I like to say that Greenhouse allows people to see the money story behind the news story.

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Betraying progressive politics to court corporate dollars is what has made Clintons the Dem Party favorites

people before profits

Source: National People’s Action/flickr via

Fred Toledo shared this article on Facebook. He commented, “This is the sad, sorry and corrupt state of a party that once stood as the champion of the working class, the poor, the disenfranchised and the marginalized,” and shared excerpts from Bill Moyer and Michael Winship’s article on Wasserman Schultz:

Yet when the CFPB was drawing up new rules to make it harder for payday predators to feast on the poor, Rep. Wasserman Schultz co-sponsored a bill to delay those new rules by two years. How, you ask, could the head of the party’s national committee embrace such an appalling exploitation of working people?

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What Bernie & followers face now: thoughtful reporters take a 360º look

candidate didn't win

Source: Suffolk University/USA Today poll

Record reporters Herb Jackson & Christopher Maag take a look at the choices facing Bernie Sanders and his supporters following big end of primary season losses in delegate-heavy states California and New Jersey. I’m quoted in the article:

But some Sanders supporters in New Jersey say they are sticking with him.

“I’ve been a loyal Democrat all my life, but at this point, I’ll tell you the truth, I may resign from the Democratic Party after this election,” said Kim Wei of Fair Lawn, who with her son, Ivan, was on the ballot as a Sanders delegate.

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Three short poems I wrote tonight in eight minutes

An exercise in the co-op management workshop I attended tonight put me in charge of motivating a team of poetry writers to produce poems; and then measure our production against the forecasts that I provided before we got started. Happy to say, my team of 7 awesome poem writers produced way above expectations, with many submitting more than one poem in each of two rounds of writing – that were each four minutes long. We had fun!

Here are my submissions. What do you think?

On a cool summer’s eve
I think about politics
I think about Wednesday
I think about going somewhere this weekend
The end of the workweek
Beginning of fun!!!
Oh, I like fun.
But, wait. My job is writing poems ….
So, really, I am having fun all week.
I guess I will need to work harder on the weekend:
To have MORE fun.
Sounds like a job.
Sounds like work.
I love work.

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The (famous & myopic) view of the world from the POV of New Yorkers

NYC center of the universe

New Yorker cover NYC center of the universe, by Saul Steinberg

Yesterday somebody mentioned what life looks like to New Yorkers and I realized … so much time has passed since Saul Steinberg drew the famous New York cover showing what the world looks like for New Yorkers – with Jersey a slender line across the Hudson with Japan and China just blips in the far distance … that my 21 year old son may have not ever seen it. So I looked around, found the cover easily on the internet and sure enough, Ari had never seen it before. It’s a doozy, though, isn’t it?

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The Wei endorses the Electronic Frontier Alliance Principles

Join us EFA image

Source: Electronic Frontier Alliance

The Wei endorses the Electronic Frontier Alliance Principles. The Electronic Frontier Alliance is a grassroots network of community and campus organizations across the United States working to educate our neighbors about the importance of digital rights. Participation is open to any group that endorses our simple principles.

Electronic Frontier Alliance Principles

As a member organization of the EFA, we believe that technology should support the intellectual freedom at the heart of a democratic society. In the digital age, that entails advancing:

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Switzerland you were gipped – your Gotthard Tunnel opening celebration choreography is a hot mess

Performers in bizarre Gotthard Tunnel ceremony

Screen Shot Dark Horse News video

The Swiss government celebrated the completion of Gotthard Base Tunnel, the longest railway tunnel in the world with an extremely bizarre ceremony that included hordes of performers acting like zombies, others half naked on an open railway car slithering around and grappling each other in supposedly erotic movements. Some dressed in sado-masochist paraphenelia swung from the tunnel ceiling and all the while, disturbing, discordant music played in the background and sometimes the foreground.

Excuse me, Switzerland, but the choreographer you hired had a single goal in mind: to make a laughingstock out of you and your tunnel opening ceremony. And he (or she) did an excellent job of that. It manages to be both bizarre and silly.

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Dunkin Donuts staffer’s racism wins a Chinese mom international support

This story should be unbelievable: a Chinese mom’s visit to a Queens Dunkin Donut this Monday past crazily took on a nightmarish quality. Before leaving the store, Peiyin Shih and her one year old son’s nanny had received abusive treatment from an employee and when Ms. Shih began filming his bizarre behaviour on her phone another customer approached her menacingly (that’s the guy shown with the crazy expression) and threatened to pull away her phone and throw it out the window.

Ms. Shih feared for the safety of her little family group and afterwards, wrote to Dunkin Donuts about the incident. I can’t find her post on the Dunkin Donuts Facebook page, so I guess it’s been removed but you can see that there is no suppressing this story. It’s well on its way to going viral with over 19K responses, 12341 shares and 3.9K comments already. Plus, the story has been picked up by the social stratosphere and news outlets in Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Asian-American press. Here’s an interview incorporating bits of Ms. Shih’s video.

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PoliticalCompass tracks the US presidential candidates & only Bernie Sanders is on The People’s side

Political Compass Screenshot


Political Compass tracks the socio-political positions of politicians in democracies and in political races. The above graphic shows where 2016 presidential candidates stand on the left to right scale.

All the GOP candidates are on the far right and are furthermore, committed to Authoritarianism. Hillary stands firmly on the right. Only Bernie Sanders is a progressive candidate with loyalty to the needs of the American public.

The organization describes its mission as:

The enduring appeal of The Political Compass lies in its universality, and the fact that it’s not a fly-by-night election-time survey, but a continually accessible profile of a political personality applicable to all democracies. Although we’d like the time to develop more updates than we can sometimes offer, we remain a tool for comparing the politics of countries and well-known political figures, past and present…

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Seeking authentic religion, 600+ Colombian evangelist Christians convert to Judaism

Elad Villegas and Shlomo Caro

Source: The California Sunday Magazine

A team of three reporters and photographers document the amazing journey of 600 Colombians who followed their young religious leaders from a congregation of evangelical Christianity into Orthodox Judaism, becoming a congregation of 600 in Medellín, Colombia. Guided at first only by books and the deep feeling of connectedness to God which two of the evangelists had experienced during visits to Israel that were not related to religion, the leaders learned how to practice Judaism, converted their families and community members and instructed them in kosher Jewish observance. René Cano eventually moved his family to Israel in 2015 and has become Shlomo Caro.

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Ethiopian Jews and Israelis celebrate as emergency airlift flights are completed

Ethiopians evacuated by Israel

Source: New York Times

On May 26 1991, the United States prodded the Ethiopian government to allow Israel to carry 14,500 Ethiopian Jews – just about the entire Jewish population of that country – to safety in 36 hours. The emergency rescue was carried out during the Jewish Sabbath when activities such as long-distance travel and operating machinery are prohibited. Permissible, because this was a life-saving mission.

New York Times’ Joel Brinkley reported,

At the airport this morning, it was difficult to tell who was more joyful — the barefoot Ethiopians who cheered, ululated and bent down to kiss the tarmac as they stepped off the planes, or the Israelis who watched them aglow, marveling at this powerful image showing that their state still holds appeal, even with all its problems…

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John Cleese on oversensitivity & taking PC way too far

John Cleese

Source: The Big Think

John Cleese points out that all humour is critical – even the inclusive type and gives the example: “How do you make God laugh? Tell him your plans.” But in today’s environment of hyper-sensitivity over political correctness, many instances of humour are now viewed as unkind.

The reasons for this may be, as Cleese relates, this: “Robin Skinner said something very interesting to me: if people cannot control their own emotions they have to start trying to control other people’s behaviour.” And well, see the rest of what he says for yourself. It’s a quick watch, and worthwhile.

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