Pablo lucha en Washington para derechos por obreros agrícolas

Farm Workforce Modernation Act graphic

Un Dreamer de California que trabajaba 16 años en la agricultura sin documentos ni acceso a los mismos derechos que tengan otros empleados y residentes legales, visitó a Washington y tuvo el chance de contar su historia personal y abogar por los derechos de otros que continuan en esa misma situación.

El programa apoyado por Pablo Martínez Perez es el Farm Workforce Modernization Act, lo cuál crearía un camino a la legalización residencial para trabajadores agrícolas indocumentados.

Martínez contó a un reportero del noticiero Voices of Monterey Bay, “These agricultural (workers) need to get out of the shadows and they want the opportunity to be part of the community and participate in the community just like any other person would do.” read more

Learn how to answer the top 10 interview questions

The Interview Guys

Mr. Weldon Montague of  the Department of Labor and Workforce Development in Newark, New Jersey shared this video and advice:

Many of my job seekers need to become much more savvy in the art of interviewing. The difference between getting hired or not may strongly depend on how well you answer questions at your interview, so if you are seriously seeking employment, watch and learn.

Congresspeople’s kids’ don’t need to pay student loans: truth or myth?

Congresspeople's kids' don't need to pay student loans: truth or myth? #p2

Much evidence points to Tulsi Gabbard being a conservative shill and Russian sympathizer – but is it credible?

Tulsi Gabbard

Much evidence points to Tulsi Gabbard being a conservative shill and Russian sympathizer – but is it credible?

The movie Harriet hits theaters November 1

Harriet trailer foto

Harriet, the story of Harriet Tubman, in theatres Nov 1. Can't want to be inspired! #p2

Is running the US government based too much on ‘norms’ –  and not enough on rule of law?

Vox article heading

I read the Vox article Are We In a Constitutional Crisis Yet? with a mix of interest, curiosity and concern. While all of the 13 law professionals interviewed agree that we’re in a difficult situation in regards to how the United States government is being run today, some say we’re not in a Constitutional crisis until the president refuses to obey a court order – an order which could be issued if Congress’ demands for information relating to its task of rounding up materials needed to impeach government officials are ignored. read more

Pacifica Radio ignores court order and continues dismantling WBAI

WBAI homepage screenshot

WBAI radio was abruptly shut down on 07 Oct 2019 by parent company, the Pacifica Fdn. Employees were fired, locked out and Pacifica has ignored a court order to restore WBAI's operations #p2

Ivy League candidate’s hopes are dashed by police in Dear Martin (book)

Dear Martin, a New York Times bestseller by Nic Stone: When a young black man is racially profiled by the police, his hopes for an Ivy League future disappear. Review: “Absolutely incredible, honest, gut-wrenching. A must read” (Angie Thomas, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Hate U Give).

Teen/Young Adult book featured for Nook Sept 29 2019 only for $1.99 (regular price $9.99).

In NYC you can still hate immigrants – but now it’s illegal to say so

Times Square, NY via Wikipedia

If you’re the type who enjoys hating on immigrants, telling people, “Go back home!” or threatening to call immigration on somebody, well, a word to the wise. Whilst in New York City, best keep those thoughts to yourself, ’cause now it’s illegal to speak them.

If you really can’t stop yourself from hating immigrants out loud, there’s a remedy for that: be prepared to pay the city a fine of up to $250,000 smackeroonies.

If you have the urge to scream at a 16 year old, you may need The Greta Helpline

Some people are outraged that a 16 year old child is the only global citizen courageous enough to stand up to world leaders and explain the facts about climate change. They don’t want anyone talking about science, or obligations, or the fact that the world will come to an end if we don’t make some serious changes. And if anyone is going to talk about these things, it sure as heck should not be a child.

Luckily for the outraged, salvation has arrived! The Greta Thunberg Helpline has been set up just for adults angry at a child and needing to vent. read more

Bus stops in one Dutch city now have bee-friendly green roofs

Dutch city bus stops now have #greenroofs that look great and are bee-friendly #p2

Free summer meals for NJ youth through age 18 – find your location

Free summer meals are available to youth ages 18 and younger across New Jersey. Find your location. No ID or proof of income required.

Bee Venom Therapy – a new cure for Lyme Disease?

More deer and more ticks mean a lot more people are falling victim to Lyme disease. But a new treatment involving honeybee stings promises hope.

New HUD policy would separate immigrant families living together in their own homes

HUD Secretary Ben Carson continues to set and seek policies geared to make life more difficult for United States society's most vulnerable residents #p2

From AARP: A Home Maintenance Guide for Aging Adults

AARP is offering a toolkit for older Americans with “tips, checklists, worksheets and more to help plan, prioritize and keep your home maintenance routine on track.” Check it out!