The Census Bureau is hiring now – and it pays well

Looking for a work opportunity that pays fair wages?

  • The U.S. Census Bureau is recruiting people to work on the 2020 Census – right now.
  • Thousands of employees are needed to work in the communities where they live.
  • These are temporary, part-time and full-time positions.
  • Hourly wage is $18 an hour for Enumerator/Lister; Census Field Supervisors are at $20 an hour.
  • Mileage is reimbursed at $0.58 per mile.
  • No experience or educational requirement is necessary.
  • The website to apply is You must apply online.

Programa de licencias de conducir para indocumentados en Connecticut ofrece enormes beneficios | Connecticut’s undocumented driver licensing program provides many benefits

Connecticut drive-only license
License image courtesy of Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles

Connecticut está disfrutando un éxito enorme con su programa de licencias para conducir para residentes indocumentados. Beneficia a residentes, la policía – que ya no pierden tiempo con las complejidades de procesar violaciones automovilísticos cuando el chofer no tiene licencia, las autoescuelas y también ha producido ingresos para el estado. Es un modelo ejemplar para otros estados. Ver el reporte (en inglés) de WGBH.

Connecticut is enjoying great success with its drive-only license program for undocumented immigrants. It benefits residents, police, state coffers and driving schools – and it’s a great model for other states to take note of. Read the WGBH article.

Wasps kill pest insects. Want a free wasp house for your garden?

A friend is giving away a wasp house. Wasps are good for gardens because they gobble up lots of insect pests. Edwin has one already and doesn’t need two – so he’s giving one away. If you want a wasp house you can pick this one up in north Jersey– or maybe get instructions for getting a new one made. Just reach out to me @kimiwei on Twitter or thekimiwei on Facebook and I’ll arrange the pickup.

Please bear in mind that wasps cannot be housed near beehives, because they kill bees too.

AOC stars in a movie about her 2018 election win

Netflix releases Knock Down the House

Netflix announces: “529 women ran for congress in 2018 — meet four of them in @knockdownmovie.” And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shares on Twitter: “Before my primary, three women & I agreed to film our journey of trying to run for office without big money. Now, #KnockDownTheHouse hits Netflix & select theaters next week, May 1st.”

Visit to find a screening or learn how to host one. Discussion materials available.

Get a Census Job – pay is good and jobs last until Sept 2020

Census hiring is ramping up

Thousands of people are being hired for Census work right now. Some special skill jobs pay $50-100K per year and jobs last through September 2020. If you’re a recent college grad, between jobs or just need extra income, check out the opportunities. Applicants can qualify for both field and office positions and some of the special skill jobs are work from home positions.

See pay rates for field and clerical jobs
Learn about qualifications and general Census job opportunities.
Applying for Census work is simple. Visit 2020census/jobs or call 855-JOB-2020 and select option 3 for more information.
For New York and New Jersey opportunities: Send an email with your name, zip code, and phone number(s) to or call 212-584-3495.

Learn about qualifications and general Census job opportunities.
Applying for Census work is simple. Visit 2020census/jobs or call 855-JOB-2020 and select option 3 for more information.
For New York and New Jersey opportunities: Send an email with your name, zip code, and phone number(s) to or call 212-584-3495.

This year, all Census job applications must be filled out online. At Census Job Fairs you can learn about the range of jobs available but you will still need to apply online.

Iddris Sandu – the 21 yo genius that left Big Tech & Uber to share knowledge with The People

Iddris Sandu
Iddris teaching design via Apple

21 year old Iddris Sandu was born to parents from Ghana. At age 10 he taught himself a bunch of programming languages and at age 18 was consulting for Snapchat. He’s sold algorithms to Instagram and Uber and Google was so impressed with Sandu, they created an internship position just for him was he was 13.

But Iddris found himself, “wanting to help impact kids that looked like me, and being able to provide information to the masses.” So, he said goodbye to Big Tech and now teaches tech and design, makes music and inspires us all.

DNS servers hacked: netizens trying to reach certain sites are connected to phishing sites

EXCERPT: Stefan Tanase, principal security researcher at Ixia, told Ars that the DNS servers described in this article were taken down and that the attackers have replaced them with new DNS servers. Ixia analyzed the rogue DNS server and found it targets the following domains:, and possibly other sites. People trying to reach one of these domains from an infected router will be connected to a server that serves phishing pages over plain HTTP.

Below is how appeared in Firefox on a machine configured to use one of the malicious DNS servers.

What follows is this article as it appeared on Thursday, 4/4/2019, 2:59 PM:

A wave of DNS hijacking attacks that abuse Google’s cloud computing service is causing consumer routers to connect to fraudulent and potentially malicious websites and addresses, a security researcher has warned.

By now, most people know that Domain Name System servers translate human-friendly domain names into the numeric IP addresses that computers need to find other computers on the Internet. Over the past four months, a blog post published Thursday said, attackers have been using Google cloud service to scan the Internet for routers that are vulnerable to remote exploits. When they find susceptible routers, the attackers then use the Google platform to send malicious code that configures the routers to use malicious DNS servers…

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It’s time for anti-Jewish to be defined – and called out

The world holds Jews to impossible standards that it won’t impose on any other people. While genocide, slavery, migration to escape punitive governments and starvation; oppression of women and the murder of journalists takes place in countries around the world, little attention is focused on these atrocities. The media and civil society focus instead, on blaming either Israel or all Jews – for just about everything.

This represents Jew hatred and is unsurprising given: 1/ The media’s determination to skew public opinion against Israel 2/ The amount of money countries like Saudi Arabia spend on anti-Jewish propaganda 3/ The prolific dissemination of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and 4/ Lack of a definition for what anti-Jewish sentiment and behaviour looks like (read more on this in Honest Reporting’s article).

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s  working definition of anti-Jewish has already been adopted and endorsed by a growing number of governments, organizations and individuals. You can sign the petition to support it, too.

The best chance for anti-people politicians is to discredit Bernie Sanders – and they’re trying.

Bernie talks to youth

Bernie’s taking heat for his supposed position on reparations for the US slave trade but do we know what he actually said? A Sanders America would be one where justice, equity, fairness and inclusion are goals that we strive to reach as a nation, with support from our president and national leadership. That’s exactly why Power is united in working so hard against Bernie:

“Media outlets like CNN … stacked the audience with well connected questioners at a town hall this past Monday.

One of them, who asked about the suddenly hot button issue of reparations for slavery, worked for the centrist Aspen Institute and now works for a non-profit whose board includes executives for the world’s biggest private equity firm, the Carlyle Group and the former employer of leaker Edward Snowden, Booz Allen Hamilton. This and other obvious conflicts were not disclosed by the network who presented the questioners as ordinary voters.

On the issue of reparations itself, as Briahna Gray of the Intercept wrote after the town hall, Sanders gave the right answer to the question, that first it will be important to define what the term means, as centrists Kamala Harris and Cory Booker are using it to describe different programs, none of which are directly focused on redressing the historic grievances of African Americans and the inequalities that persist in these communities to this day.”

Pases grátis a parques nacionales para estudiantes del 4º grado | Free passes for 4th graders to government parks

Los pases se proveen a los estudiantes del 4º grado y sus familias. Son validos por un año y son grátis de costo. Visite para conseguir su pase hoy! Esta oportunidad es proporcionada por el gobierno de los Estados Unidos.

Passes are available for 4th Grade students and their families. They are valid for one year and are completely free. Visit to get your free pass today! This opportunity is brought to you by the U. S. Government.

NJ State Senators act to end prison-based gerrymandering

Two New Jersey State Senators proposed legislation to end prison-base gerrymandering and it was approved by the senate 25-9.

This is how prison-based gerrymandering works and why it’s so destructive to the families of incarcerated individuals:

This system makes it possible for districts where prisons are located to appear to have a low median income by claiming inmates as residents. Because inmates don’t earn money, when they are counted as residents of the district they lower the median income for the entire population. Meanwhile, back at home where his family lives, the no-wage prisoner is not being claimed as a resident and the income for that district is artificially high – so his home district doesn’t get funding and all of the attendant resources that could provide real help to the single parents left behind who are struggling to keep their families well, despite one parent being away and unable to contribute to the family coffers.

Prisoners’ families don’t get that funding, because the communities where parents are being jailed are the ones getting it – even though those communities don’t need the funding anywhere near as much as the home communities do.

In fact, residents of towns where prisons are located can live comfortably on the perks associated with having a prison in town. Besides benefiting from extra funding for their district due to prison-based gerrymandering, residents also benefit from prison jobs … and local businesses are bolstered by sales to prison workers and maybe, also by selling goods to the prison itself. The prison industry provides for folk in the towns where prisons are located, pretty well overall.

PSE&G want to help furloughed workers and others in financial distress

NEWARK, NJ – Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G), New Jersey’s largest utility, has procedures in place to help furloughed federal employees and other customers who are facing financial difficulty during winter months. Customers having trouble paying their bills are urged to call customer service to discuss their situations. PSE&G is prepared to extend 60-day grace periods to customers seeking assistance who meet criteria, including financial hardship due to circumstances beyond their control.

“The federal government shutdown is a reminder of circumstances in which our customers can face financial hardships. During the 60-day period, customer accounts will be locked and protected from shut off,” said Greg Dunlap, PSE&G vice president of customer operations. “Our customer service representatives also are prepared to discuss procedures for establishing payment schedules, should such arrangements be needed.”

Customer service representatives also will inform customers who are under the grace period to call back if they need an extension. The PSE&G Collections Department line is 1-800-357-2262.

PSE&G also reminds customers experiencing financial hardship that there are several programs that offer support for paying utilities, including the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) run by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.

For more information or to download a LIHEAP application or find out where to apply, visit our website or call 1-800-510-3102 or 211. Applications are also available at PSE&G’s 16 walk-in Customer Service Centers. Applications and copies of all requested documents must be submitted by mail or in person to the designated LIHEAP in-take agency by August 31, 2019.

The LIHEAP application is also an application for the Universal Service Fund (USF). USF is a program created by the State of New Jersey that can lower the amount low-income households pay for gas and electric bills with a monthly credit of $5 to $150. Applications for USF are accepted year-round.

PSE&G households who are not eligible for low income programs and are behind in their PSE&G bill should visit for other programs like the PAGE Grant or NJ SHARES. Seniors over age of 65 or disabled adults collecting Social Security Disability may be eligible for the New Jersey Lifeline Credit program. NJ Lifeline provides a $225 yearly credit on your PSE&G bill.

Newark Mayor to Trump: Forget the wall, fix the water system

By Kimi Wei [current_date]

Newark, NJ Mayor Ras J. Baraka sent an open letter to President Donald J. Trump yesterday calling on the federal government to fix the nation’s failing water infrastructure rather than fund the border wall. The decaying infrastructure of our drinking water system in cities and small towns is affecting the health of millions of Americans every single day – from Newark, New Jersey, across America’s heartland, to Oakland, California.

“I want to bring your attention to a true emergency that puts millions of our citizens at risk: the decaying infrastructure of our water systems which has generated a crisis in Newark, the State of New Jersey and across America,” wrote Mayor Baraka. “This crisis mainly affects older black and brown cities with limited resources and serious health issues that are systemically overlooked by every level of government. In prioritizing environmental justice, saving children and their families within these cities is a must… the only real solution is to save this and future generations of children is to replace lead service lines.”

Each day, children in black and brown communities are being exposed to dangerously high lead levels from deteriorating outdated lead service pipes, entering homes and children’s blood. No level of lead in blood is safe. Elevated blood lead levels harm young children’s developing brains, which can lead to learning disabilities and behavioral problems. The lead service line issue crisis affects not only Newark, but over 20 New Jersey communities and thousands of urban and rural communities across the country. The cost of fixing the nation’s failing water infrastructure falls disproportionately on low-income communities that lack adequate funding resources to cover the astronomical cost of replacing lead service pipes.

“It will cost an estimated $70 million to replace the lead service lines in Newark, hundreds of millions more to replace them in New Jersey, and an estimated $35 billion to replace all of the lead service lines in America. Achieving this is possible only with financial help from the federal government,” continued Mayor Baraka.

The City of Newark has developed a unique public-private partnership with the State of New Jersey to help finance the replacement of lead service lines impacting thousands of homes across the city. The city is also implementing a new corrosion control system, conducting free water testing and distributing water filters to residents. According to Mayor Baraka, the only commonsense, permanent solution to protect public health is to replace all lead service lines, which carries a cost few municipalities can match alone.