Practice these simple daily habits to avoid COVID-19

Christopher Penn shares this list of the simple daily habits we should all be practicing to avoid catching COVID-19.

1. Wear the best mask available to you when you’ll be around people you don’t live with, even after you’ve been vaccinated. Respirators are back in stock at online retailers, too. Wear an N95/FFP2/KN95 that’s NIOSH-approved or better mask if you can obtain it. If you can’t get an N95 mask, wear a surgical mask with a cloth mask over it.

2. Verify your mask’s NIOSH certification here:

3. Get vaccinated as soon as you’re able to, and fulfill the full vaccine regimen, including boosters. Remember that you are not vaccinated until everyone you live with is vaccinated. If you received an adenovirus vaccine (J&J/AstraZeneca), consider getting an mRNA single shot booster (Pfizer/Moderna) if available. If it’s available, choose Moderna as your first choice for both vaccine and booster, Pfizer as your second choice. However, remember than any vaccine is better than no vaccine.

4. Wash/sanitize your hands every time you are in or out of your home.

5. Stay out of indoor spaces that aren’t your home and away from people you don’t live with as much as practical. Minimize your contact with others and avoid indoor places as much as you can; indoor spaces spread the disease through aerosols and distance is less effective at mitigating your risks.

6. Aim to have 3-6 months of living expenses on hand in case the pandemic gives another crazy plot twist to the economy, or you know, a global war breaks out.

7. Replenish your supplies as you use them. Avoid reducing your stores to pre-pandemic levels in case an outbreak causes unexpected supply chain disruptions.

8. Ventilate your home as frequently as weather and circumstances permit, except when you share close airspaces with other residences (like a window less than a meter away from a neighboring window).

9. Masks must fit properly to work. Here’s how to properly fit a mask:

10. If you think you may have been exposed to COVID-19, purchase a rapid antigen test. This will detect COVID-19 only when you’re contagious, so follow the directions clearly.

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