How one man is turning desert into green land

Allan Savory at TED 2013

Allan Savory has discovered a fool-proof method for turning dry deserts into lush, green and growing lands. The method? Run huge herds of livestock through the land and watch grass, bushes and eventually trees, spring up in their wake. Food and fauna can grow there. Ecological systems are renewed and recovered.

As the land is repaired and regenerated, carbon is also sequestered in the soil. There is no downside to Savory’s method. Watch him tell all about it in this TED talk.

Lawyer who fought Chevron over the Amazon was held for 993 days – now free

Steve Donziger now free

Lawyer Steve Donziger who fought Chevron over the Amazon was held for 993 days – and was freed on Monday 25 April 2022.

Over half of dollar store items are poisonous

Dollar tree store

Over half of dollar store items test positive for poisons including food and children's toys

FTC fines Big Box stores for claims that rayon is ‘eco-friendly bamboo’

Textile production roomm

FTC fines Big Box stores $5.5 million for claims that rayon is 'eco-friendly bamboo'

Help build the future – apply now for a clean energy job

Clean energy job diversity

Help build the future - apply now for a clean energy job with the DOE's Clean Energy Corps.

New Jersey servicios legales y sociales gratuitos para niños inmigrantes

Children's hands

New Jersey es el hogar de la quinta población más grande de niños inmigrantes no-acompañados en el país

 (TRENTON) – En el 22 de marzo de 2022, la Comisionada Sarah Adelman anunció que el Departamento de Servicios Humanos de New Jersey se ha asociado con Niños en necesidad de defensa (Kids in Need of Defense –KIND, por sus siglas en inglés) para proporcionar asesoramiento jurídico gratuito y coordinación de servicios sociales a los niños y jóvenes migrantes que llegan a New Jersey como menores no acompañados en busca de refugio. read more

Protect your internet rights on April 4 Antitrust Day

Antitrust Day banner

Mobilization to orotect your internet rights starts today on April 4 – Antitrust Day

Did you know there’s an Elizabeth Warren wiki?

Sen Warren speaks

The Elizabeth Warren wiki includes information on my favorite @SenWarren speech: 'You Didn't Build That On Your Own'

Can probiotics save honeybees from disease and collapse?

Honeybee hive

“Probiotics aren’t just for humans,” said Gregor Reid, Ph.D., Professor at Western’s Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry and Endowed Chair in Human Microbiome and Probiotics at Lawson. “Our idea was that if you could use beneficial microbes to stimulate the immune response or attack the pathogens that are infecting the hives, then maybe we can help save the bees.”

Source Western University video: read more

Gobernador de New Jersey aprueba mayor protección contra corte de servicios públicos

El gobernador de New Jersey aprueba mayor protección contra corte de servicios públicos

Virus specialists look at the future of COVID transmission

Virus specialists look at the future of COVID transmission

Congress cancels future COVID protection for the American people

Biden on COVID

The United States is in for a world of hurt very soon. “This week, Congress nixed $15 billion in coronavirus funding from a $1.5 trillion spending bill, which President Joe Biden then signed on Tuesday. The decision is catastrophic, and as the White House has noted, its consequences will unfurl quickly. Next week, the government will have to cut shipments of monoclonal-antibody treatments by a third. In April, it will no longer be able to reimburse health-care providers for testing, vaccinating, or treating millions of uninsured Americans, who are disproportionately likely to be unvaccinated and infected. Come June, it won’t be able to support domestic testing manufacturers. It can’t buy extra doses of antiviral pills or infection-preventing treatments that immunocompromised people are banking on but were already struggling to get. It will need to scale back its efforts to improve vaccination rates in poor countries, which increases the odds that dangerous new variants will arise. If such variants arise, they’ll likely catch the U.S. off guard, because surveillance networks will have to be scaled back too. Should people need further booster shots, the government won’t have enough for everyone.” read more

Elizabeth Warren wants to stop water from being traded for profit

Water Protectors foto

Access to clean and affordable water is a basic human right and must be protected

Washington, D.C. — Today, Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA) and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) led a bicameral group of colleagues in introducing the Future of Water Act to amend the Commodity Exchange Act to prohibit futures trading of water or water rights and protect our country’s water. Water is a basic human right that must be managed and protected as a public trust resource. 

As climate change has increased the severity and frequency of drought in our country, large corporations should not be profiting off of water or water rights. Water should be affordable, easily accessible, and guarded from markets prone to manipulation and speculation that could cause real-world price increases. The announcement of the water futures trading received condemnation from the global water community, including the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Human Right to Water who stated: “Water is already under extreme threat from a growing population, increasing demands and grave pollution from agriculture and mining industry in the context of worsening impact of climate change. . . I am very concerned that water is now being treated as gold, oil and other commodities that are traded on Wall Street futures markets.” read more

The neighbor lost to COVID is my neighbor – and yours

bells toll

The neighbor lost to COVID is my neighbor – and yours: For Whom The Bell Tolls

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