SanDisk SSDs are failing and becoming big paperweights

Photographers and videographers enjoy the speed and storage capacity of SanDisk’s solid state drives (SSDs). Unfortunately, these disks have a growing history of total failure, where the data on them gets wiped out. And by the way, some of those failed disks are replacements issued by SanDisk’s current owner Western Digital – for other disks that also failed. Yeeps!

The Verge advises: “If you’re thinking of buying a SanDisk Extreme Pro, Extreme Portable, Extreme Pro Portable, or WD MyPassport SSD, maybe just don’t.” The news portal is following up to find out why WD is still selling the faulty disks.

ArsTechnica shares extensive coverage on the failure and spontaneous data deletion of both 2TB and 4TB disks, and provides a list of fora and Reddit threads where this issue is being discussed and lamented.

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