NJ’s Amistad Act calls for accurate history lessons in schools. Time to fund it.

NJ Amistad Curriculum
The Amistad Act became law in New Jersey half a generation ago, which I learned today is long enough ago for young equal education activists to have never heard of it. “What’s that?” a young friend asked on Facebook when I suggested that we pressure state government to fund the Amistad Commission’s mandate to bring historically accurate curricula and books that teach the true roles African Americans and other ethnic minorities have played in the evolution of society both at home and abroad, to all K-12 classrooms. This knowledge is not currently being taught to our children but in New Jersey it ought to be, because state law calls for it. read more

Weatherdude accurately called March storm warning a hoax

look at the weather via radar

Dennis Mersereau aka WeatherdudeDays before the “historic” early March 2014 storm that never materialized, I came across an article on Daily Kos by Dennis Mersereau aka the Weatherdude. He accurately predicted the storm was not going to develop. Dennis went on to say that the warning was a hoax perpetrated by one man who fooled the entire country with a fake weather report (“Kevin Martin is pulling this “storm” out of his ass”) and that the fake meteorologist has done this several times already. read more

Media Outlets Serving Up REAL, accurate News

Telling the truth, Orwell
Source: Twitter
Here’s a running list of media and advocacy organizations that are courageously bringing you the hard-hitting truths you can’t see on TV and in most newspapers any more. It will receive additions – hopefully, many of them …

Please also take a look at companion piece on which organizations are serving up bad news, and what it is about their news that makes it bad.

Campaign for America’s Future

The Campaign for America’s Future is the strategy center for the progressive movement. Our goal is to forge the enduring progressive majority needed to realize the America of shared prosperity and equal opportunity that our country was meant to be. read more