This year’s NJ Urban Mayor’s Conf on 5/5 features Urban Ag – public is invited to attend, free

Urban Ag Mayor's Conf bannerThe NJ Urban Mayors Association (NJUMA) will convene the 2016 Urban Agriculture as an Economic Development Tool Conference in Trenton, NJ this coming Thursday on May 5. The event is open to the public and is free, but we ask that you register.

Municipalities and partners across the state will be introduced to the economic possibilities that exist through urban agriculture. Participants will gather and demonstrate their commitment to the shared goals of creating jobs, growing our economy and improving our quality of life. read more

Why delete NJ’s Farm Bureau?

Governor Corzine wants to delete the state’s Department of Agriculture. The role of the Department of Environmental Protection – which would be the new liaison for farmers under Corzine’s plan – doesn’t include caring for the needs of farms and farmers. But NJ is The Garden State! We need our farms, and what’s more, without them NJ will quickly turn into a cultural desert of mini-McMansions and strip malls. What a waste!

Robert Von Thun Jr., who grows vegetables, fruit and flowers on his South Brunswick farm, said farmers understand the need to streamline state government, but contends the Agriculture Department already runs efficiently. read more