Has Sweeney convinced NJ legislators to turn their backs on giving a living wage to NJ workers any time soon?

Fight for $15 in NJ
Source: NJ Working Families
Why will New Jersey have a ballot referendum next year (aka constitutional amendment) that will allow state voters to decide whether to approve SCR1500 and increase the state’s minimum wage – but only by 62¢ in 2018 to $9 per hour and $1.00 a year after that to finally reach $15 an hour eight years from now, in 2024?

I got a slightly confusing reply from State Senator Bob Gordon to my email regarding this issue and have been checking into what his reply could mean. Here are the facts I’ve learned: read more

Dems step up cheating attempts to push Bernie down: this time, blocking him from DC ballot

Bernie Birdie
Source: Bernie2016 Campaign
I don’t know what has happened to the Democratic Party I grew up loving. With Helmet Hair Hillary at the Helm, it’s a transmogrification that could potentially make my sainted mother turn over in her grave. Sorry, Mom.

After Bernie won 3 caucuses in one day on March 26 and closed the gap between his pledged delegate count and Hillary’s to just 200, the people who do these things refused to allocate all of the Washington delegates. That way, nobody could see how much ground Hillary had lost. Stepping back a few days, we had massive voter fraud in Arizona‘s Dem primary. Some say the fraud doesn’t involve Hillary but, What! Who do they think they’re kidding? read more