Would you believe ‘prison consultant’ is a career?

prison consulting course ad
From jailtimeconsulting.com
I was intrigued by the article title in my LinkedIn feed: Why use a Personal Crisis Manager / Prison Consultant? It never occurred to me that some people would be making a living helping others cope with life behind bars but a search on ‘prison consultant’ turned up plenty of results.

I guess with between 1% of the United States population living behind bars and privatized prisons getting 95% occupancy guarantees from state governments … this new career track kind of makes sense. In a very strange way. read more

Resumé help for veterans

Military PersonnelThe US Chamber of Commerce offers a resumé creation tool to help veterans translate military skills to terms that will help them get jobs when they re-enter civil society.

The Personal Branding Resume Engine will help you translate your military service record into a strong resume. The skills and experience you gained as a Servicemember can make you a great employee. However, it’s crucial to help potential employers understand how. With input from Fortune 500 human resources (HR) consultants, the Resume Engine will help you get your job search off to a positive start. read more