Language barrier is no more thanks to Google app

google translate via fotos
Struggle with language issues when you’re traveling, trying to chat up a potential foreign love or doing business? Struggle no more, there’s an app for that! Google Translate on Android or iPhone instantly translates conversations & signs – even when there’s no internet connection. See real-time translations of words your camera sees. Or set up instant audio translation with a couple of clicks.

Barak Turovsky, product lead for Google Translate explains how this works once you’ve put the app in conversation mode: read more

Can you legally record a conversation in New Jersey?

phonerecordingYou can legally record both phone and in-person conversations in New Jersey as long as one of the people in that conversation agrees to the recording of it – and it’s fine if the one person is you. State law makes the phone recording legal; and federal law makes the in-person conversation recordings legal. If you need guidance for your state, check the Digital Media Law Project website.

Digital Media Law Project tells us that New Jersey is a “one-party consent” law state as regards the recording of both phone and in-person conversations: read more