Truthout editor and @BernieSanders agree: Trump is a disaster, and a child

Trump stares at Hillary in 2nd debate
Trump stares at Hillary in 2nd debate Source: Twitter via
Honestly, I don’t know on voting day (November 8) whether I’m going to go into the polling booth to pull the lever for Hillary, or to write-in Bernie Sanders. When I tried to vote for Cory Booker, my fingers wouldn’t cooperate to let me do that – our bodies have their own type of knowing.

While Trump pretty much disgusts me in every way possible, the establishment politics that Hillary practices, pretty much disgust me too. There’s a definite difference in degree of disgust, though. read more

What was Christie was thinking while Big Donald ranted? (very funny video)

Christie's a hostage in Florida
Source: Salon video

Great laugh! Salon takes a shot at guessing what was going through Christie’s mind after he endorsed Donald Trump and got to stand behind him like a chump listening to mad-man’s semi-literate ravings. Christie looks more perplexed and disgusted the longer the man speaks – must be imagining what it would be like to have this dog for a boss. Oh well CC, should have thought before you leapt onto the Drumpf bandwagon and endorsed stumpy-fingers.

What was Chris Christie really thinking? read more